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  1. I also plan on backing and getting two to replace the Aimtrak guns in my arcade cab.
  2. Anyone seen a Namco ES3 Unified style theme? It's the only thing left in my collection I don't have a Unified Theme platform video for.
  3. Are you using Let's Go Island or Let's Go Island 3D? It sounds like your XML file is named something else. Also you typed in your question "- - profile=", I think it's supposed to be --profile=, with no spaces between the dashes or before "profile".
  4. You can set it up that way in Dolphin stand alone, not sure about through Retroarch. It's a little convoluted and time consuming but I have custom controller configs for 1 to 4 controllers (depending on the game) for all my Wii games through standalone Dolphin.
  5. You need both programs because x360ce only works with other joysticks. Here's a link to another thread about setting it up on these forums : It's a royal pain for a lot of games but sweet once you get it working to be able to play those games on a cab.
  6. Some of the Steam games I have in my Arcade Cab are: Castle Crashers Injustice Mortal Kombat X Street Fighter V Fight N Rage 99Vidas Jamestown Nidhogg Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Some of those games I needed to use Virtual Joy with x360ce to get them to work with my IPAC control board.
  7. Yes, I'm pretty sure that the "don't import hacks" box is checked by default. You'd probably need to uncheck it to get Crossed Swords 2 to import automatically.
  8. Crossed Swords 2 probably didn't work because it's a hack, the game only came out on the NeoGeo CD and someone hacked it to make a cart version that would work in Mame. King of Fighters 98 and 2002 are easily the best Mame KOF games and average person isn't going to see most of the differences between the other ones (other than number of characters and the ones that used "strikers").
  9. More recommendations: Sports -Capcom Sports Club -Heavy Smash -Mach Breakers - Numan Athletics 2 -Super Sidekicks 3 -Tecmo Bowl Beatemup -The Cliffhanger - Edward Randy -The Gladiator -Die Hard Arcade -Warriors of Fate Run 'n Gun -Contra -Super Contra -Dead Connection -GI Joe -Mystic Warriors - Sunset Riders with Ninjas! -Sly Spy/Secret Agent -Three Wonders Shooter Horizontal -Boogie Wings Shooter Vertical -Strikers 1945 series Classics Paperboy Misc Outfoxies - multiplayer combination of a fighting, platforming, run 'n gun?
  10. Before I make some recommendations I see you have Crossed Swords II listed, that never came out in the arcades, it was a Neo Geo CD exclusive. I'm a fighting game guy (was a pretty serious Street Fighter 2 player for many years) so I'll start there: -For Street Fighter 2 I wouldn't go with just Hyper SF2. That's a very imbalanced game due to the way damage and dizzy scaling changed over the course of the series. The game is dominated by a few of the Championship Edition characters. I would go with the whole series but I'm extremely biased, for a general list like this I would at least include Street Fighter 2: Hyper Fighting and Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo. -For Mortal Kombat, I, II, and III all play very differently so I would include all 3 (include Ultimate MK3 and not vanilla MK3, UMK3 makes MK3 unnecessary). - For Samurai Showdown, again, all the entries play pretty differently. For a list like this, though, I would include 2 and 5 Special. SS2 is the best of the older style and 5SP is the best of the newer ones. - All the King of Fighters games are different but it's mostly system level stuff that the casual player won't really notice. I'd go with at least 98 and 2002. If you only want one, go with 98. - For the Street Fighter Alpha series go with 2 and 3 (the first one is an unbalanced mess). -Street Fighter 3: Third Strike - I know you don't want CHD games but SF3 is too important and too popular to leave off. 3rd Strike is the only one of the 3 versions you need. Go with the sfiii3n rom, it's the NoCD version that boots up without the long loading. - X-Men: Children of the Atom - the original "versus" style game from Capcom - Cyberbots - Interesting mech fighting game from Capcom - Rival Schools -Tekken 3 -Fatal Fury Special - best of original Fatal Fury games -Real Bout Fatal Fury Special - Best of second series of Fatal Fury games -Garou - Mark of the Wolves - Best FG on the NeoGeo and one of best of all time. -World Heroes Perfect - best World Heroes game -The Last Blade 2 -Rage of the Dragons -Breakers Revenge -Jackie Chan in Fists of Fire - looks cheezy (and is, in a good way) but is fun, funny, and has solid fighting mechanics. -Monster Maulers and Metamoqester - Not sure if these count as fighting games, you play in 1v1 matches against CPU characters and the 2p mode is co-op. Lots of fun, Metamoqester is the better of the two but both are good.
  11. I think I have some new favorite platform vids!
  12. What graphics card did you have before and what did you upgrade to? Did you do a clean install of the latest drivers for your new graphic card after the upgrade? It sounds like a graphics driver issue.
  13. Thanks, got it working perfectly. In fact, it ran too fast, I had to turn on the frame limiter to keep it at 60 fps. Playing SSF2THDR on the arcade cabinet was awesome.
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