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  1. Great. Please review the PDF manual bundled with the download. It should be ready-to-go out of the box for the common emulators, but you might need to define button mappings in one of the config files.
  2. There's a plug-in for that. If you're interested or have questions please see and reply in this thread:
  3. Updated to v1.3 -- most notably theming additions, including the ability to integrate with BB themes for a more cohesive experience. An example of this with FluxCRT is posted above. Also, WL should be ready to work with the multi-keyboard-button config thingy Jason is working on with his pause screens. I beat up on it quite a bit, but please let me know if you spot any errors.
  4. .NET 4.7 works on my "antiquated" Win7 boxes.
  5. When I've wanted to hide a platform, I just remove it's xaml file from the data folder, or place it in a subfolder I just call 'Inactive'. That works well for me. It'd be nice to have a little toggle in LB to show/hide a platform and probably (?) a simple addition, but I've made do fine without it.
  6. You'd probably want to pause the emulator before sending the other commands via autohotkey. Then, when you are done sending commands, unpause the emu. AHK can also issue the pause/unpause commands, so this could all be seamless.
  7. Thanks for the update, was scratching my head over that one. Glad to hear it works! -- I didn't design or test it with marquees in mind. Unfortunately, I cannot think of any way to further optimize the video engine. Could it be related to your CPU or video card? Running videos can be pretty taxing, especially if another application is also running. Might it work better if you used smaller video files for the marquee?
  8. Here's a quick demo of WL integrated with my FluxCRT theme. I use the same bezels for retroarch as I do in FluxCRT, so the transitions are pretty seamless I think. This is my first time uploading a video here so hopefully it's okay. My_Movie.mp4
  9. Thanks for the example. I tried to slice it every which way but did not detect a problem with muting videos. Perhaps I'm not fully understanding the reported problem. Appreciate your pm; I don't use discord, so if whoever reported this problem to you wants to post additional details here on the forums that might be helpful.
  10. My auditor is pretty simple and just helps me see what I'm missing in my library. The built-in LB auditor didn't do what I needed. Not for me. The feature set and intended use will likely continue to differ between these two things.
  11. You're referring to Ao.Bigbox.Themer? Please point me to who reported this so I can get more details and perhaps an example where it does not work?
  12. Added ability to "theme" WL; this can be integrated with BB themes, e.g., pause menu for Refaktor: ...compared to the built-in/default theme for WL: Will work on adding support for multiple keyboard bindings, to work with the upcoming BB update.
  13. @viking: here's an example of what I mentioned ^^ -- aox:DimensionW3840Converter is the key. You specify the dimension assuming 4K display (3840 pixels wide), and the converter scales this dimension according to the actual display width. This is an example of one of my styles used to define a storyboard where something flies in from the left side of the screen: xmlns:aox="clr-namespace:Ao.Bigbox.Converters;assembly=Ao.Bigbox.Themer.v3_9_3" ... <aox:DimensionW3840Converter x:Key="DimensionW3840Converter" /> ... <sys:Double x:Key="AO3840_FlyinOffsetLeft">-500</sys:Double> <sys:Double x:Key="AO3840_FlyinOffsetLeftBounce">40</sys:Double> ... <Storyboard x:Key="AOSelectedFlyin_L" TargetName="GridFlyLeft"> <DoubleAnimationUsingKeyFrames Storyboard.TargetProperty="RenderTransform.(TranslateTransform.X)"> <LinearDoubleKeyFrame KeyTime="0:0:0.00" Value="{Binding Source={StaticResource AO3840_FlyinOffsetLeft}, Converter={StaticResource DimensionW3840Converter}}" /> <LinearDoubleKeyFrame KeyTime="0:0:1.70" Value="{Binding Source={StaticResource AO3840_FlyinOffsetLeft}, Converter={StaticResource DimensionW3840Converter}}" /> <LinearDoubleKeyFrame KeyTime="0:0:1.85" Value="{Binding Source={StaticResource AO3840_FlyinOffsetLeftBounce}, Converter={StaticResource DimensionW3840Converter}}" /> <LinearDoubleKeyFrame KeyTime="0:0:1.90" Value="0" /> </DoubleAnimationUsingKeyFrames> </Storyboard>
  14. I do something similar in one of my themes. It requires a converter when is also in the themer dll. I'll send you an example later when home.
  15. Great! About the vertical scroll text, you mean controls:ScrollableTextBlock? -- That would require some customization of that control which resides in the Unbroken.LaunchBox.Wpf DLL. Alternatively, a new custom control could possibly be made for Ao.Bigbox.Themer. I wonder if one of those auto-scaling solutions posted in stackoverflow that you mentioned would be helpful; I'll have to take a look.
  16. Sometimes you want padding around a TextBlock to space it a certain way, and if so you'd also want that to be automatically scaled.
  17. Hey @viking. Try the AutoscaleTextBlock in Ao.Bigbox.Themer: 1. Download latest version of themer plugin: https://forums.launchbox-app.com/files/file/1747-aobigbox-customs/ 2. Place the plugin in your theme's Plugins directory. 3. Add this to your xaml file: <!-- included near the top of the xaml file --> ... xmlns:aoc="clr-namespace:Ao.Bigbox.Controls;assembly=Ao.Bigbox.Themer.v3_9_3"> ... <!-- example use --> <aoc:AutoscaleTextBlock Text="whatever" FontFamily="MyCoolFont" FontWeight="Normal" Foreground="Cyan" TargetFontSize="32" TargetPadding="0,8,0,8" TargetScreenHeight="2160" /> The key properties are the TargetXxx properties -- they let you design to a target screen height, and the actual font size will be scaled automatically based on the actual screen height.
  18. True dat. Viewbox and Grid gets you 95% of the way to resolution independence. I created AutoscaleTextBlock for the other 5%.
  19. Certainly, I'd be happy to share it. I recommend let's give others time to chime in as they might propose a better solution before embarking on using my solution. I'm at work now anyways and cannot post the library and code examples from here.
  20. When I ran into this issue, I created two controls called AutoscaleTextBlock and AutoscaleListBox (for text lists). On these controls, I can set a TargetFontSize and TargetScreenHeight and design to these parameters. It will then scale the font size according to actual screen height. The solutions you reference on stackoverflow look very interesting and more generalizable than my approach. I don't have time to try out those solutions now, but I do have something that works if those ideas aren't effective.
  21. Cool, hope you like it. I just submitted it for the BB theme downloader; hopefully it makes the cut.
  22. UPDATED to v5.8 -- see changelog on download page:
  23. Yep, will do -- that feature is actually working now on my dev version, and I'll include it in the next update.
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