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  1. yeah, only I want the other two pages to remain the same, with regards to the game boxes =)
  2. I think, you need to do that in the setting's in launchbox mode not big box mode =)
  3. yeah, I'm guessing I just need to delete the image, as for the text and game box I haven't a clue, which file I need to edit. and I still just want game titles on the wheel not boxes =) and I want game boxes present on the other pages =)
    *Nice side wheel, tidy menu's, great work* http://forums.launchbox-app.com/profile/66527-hexxxer/ I am looking to simplify one of the pages.
  4. *Great Theme* "I do however need help with regards to editing some of the parts, any help would be appreciated."
    Its sometimes nice to round off the look of retro machines, with bezels and overlays. And I have to say, "You're Work Is Always Outstanding", *thank you Nyny*, its really appreciated 10/10
    *Just To Note* Outstanding Work Very Crisp N Clean, I Was However Confused By Assuming Sega Master System V2 Was The *MSII Console* .
  5. Atari 2600 Overlay For RetroArch View File Custom Atari 2600 Overlay, I Made For RetroArch Submitter Gravitymike Submitted 11/21/16 Category Game Media  
  6. 122 downloads

    Custom Atari 2600 Overlay, I Made For RetroArch
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