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  1. CoverBox

    Please note: CoverBox is now merged into 1 theme and now has the minimum requirement of running LaunchBox 9.4 or above.
    The CoverBox project is one where my goal is to recreate retro console's boxart as a BigBox Theme.
    Each theme is designed for 1080p.
    P.S. I created graphic assets for the star ratings. Please feel free to use them in your theme.
    Most of the themes utilize ListBox Scroll Center for BigBox by @Grila  (Thanks!).
    Installation Instructions
    Download the CoverBox.zip file. Open the zip file and place the folder into the LaunchBox\Themes folder Select the CoverBox theme in BigBox  
    CoverBox Images
    List of Supported Platforms


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  2. PausePie

    PausePie is a simple pause theme for LaunchBox/BigBox based off of the RetroPie system menu. A simple text based menu system overlays a slightly blurred background image of the game.
    Installation Instructions
    Extract the PausePie folder into your LaunchBox\PauseThemes folder Go into the PausePie folder and install the Primus-Demo.otf font Open LaunchBox or BigBox and change the Pause Theme to PausePie  


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  3. Retrotastic

    Welcome to Retrotastic! A fun little theme hoping to capture childhood memories through the artwork of the systems we know and love.
    The theme comes pre-packaged with over 150 platform/playlist backgrounds. Each one can be customized or replaced altogether. Please read the documentation for more info.
    This theme can also display game specific backgrounds and graphics, check the demo video to see an example of this (look out for the NES section of the video), and view the documentation for how to create and add your own.
    Please read the documentation to add your own flair to this theme! 
    Retrotastic - Documentation.pdf
    This theme comes with a few different views:
    Platform View 1 - A view with a vertical platform wheel
    Platform View 2 - A view with a horizontal platform wheel
    Game View 1 - The main vertical game wheel view. This view determines which type of media a platform has, and displays its appropriate animation.
    Game View 2 - Vertical game wheel with spinning disc based animation (this view is redundant, and only use if a platform is not displaying its spinning disc in Game View 1.
    Game View 3 - Vertical game wheel is basic animations (the most mainstream view).
    Game View 4 - Vertical game wheel with no Box image or Cart/Disc image. Designed to allow your game specific backgrounds/graphics to take center stage.
    Text List View - A text list with box animation
    Installation Instructions
    Download the Retrotastic.zip file You may need to right click the zip file, click on properties, and unblock its contents Drag and drop the Retrotastic folder into your LaunchBox/Themes folder Load up BigBox. Go to Options > Views, and choose Retrotastic from the list of Themes.
    This was truly a collaborative project. If you like this theme, please take a moment to see who made it possible.
    Faeran - Coding of the theme, many of the platform/playlist backgrounds, pixel ESRB icons, and the pixel genre icons
    Broskiplays - Creating the idea for this project, along with many platform/playlist backgrounds
    Harryoke - Creating many platform/playlist backgrounds, the platform background video, options background, and many other various videos/images
    Nyny77 - Creating platform/playlist backgrounds, along with the use of his extensive collection of platform logos
    GreatLemon - For creating most of the pixel genre icon graphics
    Thanks To:
    Eatkinola - For his amazing themer plugin
    Jason Carr - For use of his PrioritizedPathSelector (as of Version 2.0)
    OrionAngel & ReignStumble - The use of many of their bezel art
    Highly recommend downloading Scratcher's Retrotastic game media packs, for a ton of game specific backgrounds and graphics. He has truly done some amazing work, and makes Retrotastic shine:


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  4. Radiance

    Here is an early release version of theme Radiance.
    This theme is based around the Aura theme by iGarikoitz.

    Things to note:
    Theme works best with game music. Theme works best when you have 1 boxart image per game. If you have more than 1 boxart image for a game, the box highlight may not work properly. This is because the coverflow will randomly select a boxart image to display, and the box highlight will also randomly select a boxart image to use for sizing the highlight. If they choose differently, then it will look off. There is currently no way to know which image the coverflow will select to display. This theme does not work well if a system has boxart that is not uniform. Custom changes on a per-platform basis need to be made. All system may not be currently covered. If you find a system that is not currently covered, please let me know and I'll look into it.  
    Have fun!
    Faeran - Created the Radiance theme for Launchbox
    iGarikoitz - The inspiration for Radiance, including his Aura and Aura 4k themes for RetroFE
    Tronkyfran - Platform background graphics used from his Tronkyfran theme for Emulation Station


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  5. CoinOP

    CoinOP is a BigBox theme based on Pezley's arcade theme concept. It's my take on a 1080p version of it.
    This theme is specifically designed to be used with an Arcade build, for 4:3 video snaps, and marquees.
    Want to make your own Marquee? Use this file for an example:
    CoinOP Marquee Example.psd
    Make sure you right click the zip file, choose properties, and unblock the file.
    Then extract the CoinOP directory into the Launchbox\Themes folder.
    This theme comes with a number of views:
    Vertical Platform View 1 Vertical Games Wheel 1 - basic view Vertical Games Wheel 2 - basic view with animated Game Graphic (png/gif) Text Games View - basic text view with animated Game Graphic (png/gif)  
    Each game can have its own unique Game Graphic. This graphic will animate next to the arcade. Each game can only have 1 graphic.
    There are 3 rules to making the Game Graphic appear in the theme:
    1. The file name needs to match the Launchbox Database ID number of the game.
    2. The file can be either PNG or GIF (allowing for animated GIFs).
    3. The file needs to be located in the following directory: Launchbox\Themes\CoinOP\Images\GameGraphics\[Launchbox DB ID].png
    To find the LaunchBox DB ID, you must first have the game in your gaming library. Open up LaunchBox and search for the game. Right click the game and choose Edit. The LaunchBox DB ID number will be located in the top right.


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  6. Illuminate

    A modern theme, Illuminate was designed with simplicity and elegance in mind. The box art and video snap of each game takes center stage, while the slightly out-of-focus fanart gets displayed behind flashy shades of blue and yellow and an animated bokeh effect.

    This theme takes advantage of the new features in version 9.4 that allow customization on a per-platform basis. Because of this, Illuminate will only work on version 9.4 and above.
    Installation Instructions
    The Default view is designed for vertical box art, and 4:3 video snaps. Custom views have been added for the following platform:
    Nintendo 3DS Nintendo 64 Nintendo DS Nintendo Game Boy Advance Nintendo Game Boy Color Nintendo Game Boy Nintendo Virtual Boy Nintendo Wii Nintendo Wii U Sega Dreamcast Sega Game Gear Sony Playstation Super Nintendo Entertainment System If you have a platform you would like a custom view for, please leave a comment below.
    This theme uses the following plugins:
    Ao.Bigbox.Themer by eatkinola Illuminate by me ListBox Scroll Center by Grila Prioritized Path Selector by Jason Carr Y2GURU Converters by y2guru


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  7. Vertigo - A Vertical BigBox Theme

    Welcome to Vertigo. A simple, text based, vertical BigBox Theme with an old Retro CRT nostalgic feel.
    There are 2 different downloads:
     Vertigo.zip - This is the theme, please place this in your /Launchbox/Themes folder (you may need to right click the zip file, go to properties, and unblock the the contents of the file). Vertigo Startup Video.zip - A Vertical startup video (created by @harryoke)  
    Theme Features:
    Designed for a 9:16 portrait aspect ratio display Tested uses 1080x1920 resolution, however, it should scale gracefully as long as you keep the aspect ratio 9:16 The entire theme utilizes a centered text list (only possible with @eatkinola's AO Bigbox Customs Plugin) Watch the video to see the theme in action. Try it out if you like it, and let me know what you think below.
    @faeran - Creator of this theme. @eatkinola - Utilization of his AO Bigbox Customs Plugin, along with his help and code examples. Without his work, this theme would not be possible. @harryoke - Creator of the Vertigo logo and the Vertigo startup video.


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  8. RetroFresh

    This theme was designed to add as little overhead as possible, while giving a clean and simplistic view of the content. To do this I decided on not adding any images at all, and instead used XAML to build all the elements. When zipped, the entire theme comes out around 300KB. RetroFresh works with your own media and uses them as its centerpiece. Hope you guys enjoy.
    Change Log
    Installation Instructions
    Extract 'RetroFresh 1.4.zip' or 'RetroFresh Detailed 1.4.zip' into the LaunchBox/Themes folder. Go into the RetroFresh/Fonts folder and install the 'SF Atarian System.ttf' font Open Big Box, go to Options/Views, select the RetroFresh theme.  
    Video Demonstration
    The views I made are as follows:
    RetroFresh Detailed
    RetroFresh - Glass
    RetroFresh - Glass Detailed

    If anyone finds any issues, please let me know.


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  9. GCFE

    A simple, clean, bare-bones, theme. Comes with 1 Platform View and 1 Game View. This theme is an off-shoot of my CoverBox - Gamecube theme. I liked it enough that I decided to turn it into a generic theme that can be used for any system.
    This theme is designed to run in 1080p, and has been tested to run properly in 720p and 4k.
    Installation Instructions
    Platform View
    Designed to move out of the way of the full screen platform videos, while still retaining a semblance of menu awareness. The bar fades completely away after a few seconds, and the clear logos fade to 10% of its opacity.

    Game View


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