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  1. I also got a problem with LB freezing/not responding when I try to open options. It doesn't happen all the time either and when I stop the LB process in task manager and restart LB and select options again, it then opens up fine. Edit: I downgraded to v11.8 and now the options don't freeze LB anymore. So must be a bug in 11.9 somewhere.
  2. Personally I'm using GOG Galaxy 2.0 now for all my PC Game needs and LB/BB for all my emulation needs and with the new retroachievement features in LB 10.8/10.9, there is no better emulation frontend for me to use.
  3. I've checked the site out and created an account and I already have 3 problems. 1 - I can't even download the program itself. When I click download, it just takes me to My Account page and even when i click Update Account, it doesn't download anything, just updates my details. 2 - No log out option. Clicking on the arrow next to my avatar just loads my account page. Oh and speaking of my avatar, 3 - I can't even upload a picture for my avatar. When I click on Upload Avatar, nothing happens, as in nothing pops up whatsoever. Very bad 1st impression. Thanks but
  4. Out of all of the options I voted for, the RetroAchievements option is my "most wanted" vote.
  5. I use Skraper for everything except windows platform, for that I use emumovies.
  6. Awesome overlays but I have 1 problem with overlays in general thats preventing me from using them; How do I make the RetroArch widgets/notifications appear ON TOP of overlays instead of hidden under them?
  7. Hey guys. Quick question. How do I do the "swap discs" option in the new pause screens? I have tried Final Fantasy VII PBP, cue and m3u files and no swap discs option appears anywhere. I know how to swap discs in RetroArch itself though.
  8. Do you have a BIG game collection with a LOT of artwork and videos? If so, the cache may just be taking a LONG time to load everything if you're running LB on a regular hard drive.
  9. Thats very strange indeed. In any case, convert it to CHD and try again with the CHD file.
  10. Go to this link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-ElaPpvBHs5aUd0QUM3c05kY2c/view and download the zip file (Download button is the 2nd icon at the top right corner of the page). Extract the contents into an empty folder anywhere on your PC. Cut and paste the BIN and CUE files of the games that you want to convert to CHD into this same folder and double click the "CUE or GDI to CHD.bat" file and the BIN and CUE files of a game will be merged and converted into a single CHD file per game.
  11. Apparently Kronos supports zipped BIN+CUE. I loaded fighters megamix with beetle saturn core in CHD format and CUE format separately and both formats loaded fine with the beetle saturn core. BIN however isn't supported with beetle saturn core, only Yabause and Kronos cores. If you are loading the CUE file and selecting beetle saturn core and it's still loading Kronos instead, try deleting Yabause and Kronos cores and load with beetle saturn core again and see what happens.
  12. Which format is your fighters megamix in? ZIP? CHD? BIN/CUE?
  13. Startup screens AND shutdown screens and Jason is going to add pause screens too I believe. X-D
  14. Awesome job on this theme. But I get this error message when I scroll through to the Text List View of the addons. The main theme works perfectly with all the views. When I click OK I can still scroll through the other views again and they work, just not that one and only appears with the addons.
  15. Thx a lot Kotipelto. This is just what I wanted for my previous Unified theme setup before I went to Retrostatic.
  16. In RetroArch, go to 'Achievements' option and the 'Achievement Badges' option is 4th option from the bottom.
  17. Yes do you have the latest version of retroarch (1.7.3)?
  18. Turn on Achievement Badges option and wait a few seconds for them to load. Go out and back in the retroarch menu for them to show up.
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