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  1. Alright, I've got it figured out. I did update windows/drivers, but I also noticed that under controller settings the "play" and "select" button were set to the same button. I don't know why, I've never changed it, but once I set the "play" button to null everything works perfectly again. EDIT: Thanks a lot for helping troubleshoot Jason, hopefully this post can help someone else down the line.
  2. Startup and pause screens are enabled, but disabling has no effect. I am running on the latest standard version of Windows 10. I am currently a Dual Shock 4 (PS4) controller for input, using the official Sony adapter for bluetooth. However you are on to something with the controller, because I had an issue every time I launched a game with the controller, but every time I did it using the enter key on the keyboard it worked perfectly.
  3. Hello, I am a very frequent Big Box user and this is an issue that I have only noticed since v10.3 and now in v10.4. Half the time everything still works perfectly. Half the time after quitting a game, Big Box will come back and hang with only the box art showing. The Big Box functionality isn't totally dead, you can hit enter and it will re-load the game you were just playing (since the most recently selected option was, of course, "Play Game"). I can hear the cursor moving up and down the invisible menu if I press the arrow keys. However you can't navigate away from the hung screen and I need to force quit Big Box, even if I knew exactly how to navigate to the quit blindly. EDIT: After some more testing, it doesn't seem to work 100% right in any case. It seems like the problem falls into one of two buckets seemingly at random: Case A detailed above Case B: When a game is selected, Big Box starts to pull up the Game Details screen but also immediately launches the game. (Note: The Skip Game Details option is not, nor has ever been checked). Now when the game is quit there is no "Game Over" screen, but it exits fine back to the Game Details menu. I can tell whether or not Big Box will break upon exiting a game by whether or not it correctly loads the Game Details screen before launching the game. Correct Game Details = Broken upon exiting. Skips Game Details = Okay upon exiting.
  4. Hi, Is there a way to just download all of the pre-made configs without going through one-by-one in the configurator? With LB moving to Next, I'd like to have the configs on hand before I lose the ability to download them entirely.
  5. Well... I ran PCSXR directly from the command line, and Escape closes the emulator instead of just the menu. That means it's not a LaunchBox problem, but also that I can't switch discs if I use the emulator from the command line. Maybe there is some sort of switch not well documented somewhere, but I don't know why running the emulator from the command line should be different from just clicking the icon. Thanks for helping me troubleshoot
  6. The tab already appears to be empty. Things I've tried: As many emulator command line options added / removed that I can find documentation for. Not too many here, but the options I have "-nogui" "-cdfile" do not appear to be the problem as the issue persists when removed. I've also toggled the "Attempt to hide console window on startup/shutdown" to no avail.
  7. Hello all, I am trying to change discs for a playstation game using the PCSXR emulator. This requires that I exit to the menu using the escape key, select the new disc, and then close the menu. This process works flawlessly when I open the emulator directly. When I open the emulator through LaunchBox or BigBox, the escape key completely closes all emulator processes. I can't figure out why this is, or how to stop LaunchBox from getting involved with the emulator process once it has started. I would just change the key the emulator uses to go to the menu, but it doesn't look like I can do that. Any ideas?
  8. It's a good thought but I don't think that's what it is. I got the idea to restart when I tried to import a few leftover SNES games and started getting the same message. I soon realized that I couldn't import ANYTHING on any console anymore. But like I said, once I restarted everything worked again.
  9. Well, I did a full reboot of the system and now it is importing just fine! Strange, but maybe helpful if somebody else runs into this problem.
  10. Hi, I've been able to successfully import other platforms, and I actually was able to successfully import these same GameCube roms in the past but had to delete the platform. When I imported them previously, the ROM files were all archived. They have now been unzipped, and when I try to re-import, every single ROM fails and produces the same error: "Could not import ROM (X): Object reference not set to an instance of an object." I have no idea what this means or even how to begin solving. Anyone have an idea?
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