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  1. Is it possible to use bindings on Playlist views? Something like ActivePlaylist.Name would be very helpful. This is not on the documentation so i presume it's not implemented yet. I really love the BigCouch theme but there are somethings i would like to add to it so i'm "frankensteining" it with some pieces of code to achieve the look I want. Some computer systems are a bit tricky, requiring you to manually type some boot parameters in order to load the games. My memory isn't what it used to be so i need some post-its to remember those commands. This is what i'm doing for those systems, (never mind the instructions, i know those aren't for the Atari 800, it's just a background pic to check size and positioning.): This is for the Platforms view, the 3 help pages (usually just use 1 or 2 depending on how much info is needed) is just an Instructions.png file i put on the root folder of the platform's Images folder. This is the code to load it for the PlatformWheel2FiltersView on BigCouch: <!-- INSTRUCTIONS OVERLAY PLATFORM--> <TextBlock x:Name="InstructionsPlatform" Visibility="Collapsed"> <TextBlock.Text> <MultiBinding StringFormat="{}pack://siteoforigin:,,,/Images/{0}/Instructions.png"> <Binding Path="ActivePlatform.Name" /> </MultiBinding> </TextBlock.Text> </TextBlock> <Image Source="{Binding Text, ElementName=InstructionsPlatform}" Grid.Row="0" HorizontalAlignment="Left" VerticalAlignment="Bottom" UseLayoutRounding="True" Width="873" Height="347" SnapsToDevicePixels="True" Stretch="Fill" /> This works great for platforms, however some systems use several types of media like floppies and cassettes,etc., so for those i create playlists to separate them, this is good for organization inside BigBox and to assign proper emulator's as well. For example, i have 3 distinct MESS emulators (cart, flop and cass) pointing to the same mame64.exe then I add the systems that use those kinds of media to the specific emulator. Like so: Amstrad CPC Emulator | Associated Platform | Default Command-line Parameters -Floppies: MESS (Flop) | Amstrad CPC | cpc6128 -flop1 -Cassettes: MESS (Cass) | Amstrad CPC | cpc6128 -cass Then i just need to choose the proper emulator when importing either cassette or floppy media. However, some systems have different boot sequences depending on the type of media your trying to load so i would like to give instructions for them as well but I need the Bindings for the "playlist view". Is there a way to achieve this without something like ActivePlaylist.Name? EDIT: Never mind 😔 The ActivePlatform.Name is the correct tag for the binding. I just had to add this block of code after the other one in order to load the Instructions.png from the Playlists folder. (Notice the StringFormat path) <!-- INSTRUCTIONS OVERLAY PLAYLIST--> <TextBlock x:Name="InstructionsPlaylist" Visibility="Collapsed"> <TextBlock.Text> <MultiBinding StringFormat="{}pack://siteoforigin:,,,/Images/Playlists/{0}/Instructions.png"> <Binding Path="ActivePlatform.Name" /> </MultiBinding> </TextBlock.Text> </TextBlock> <Image Source="{Binding Text, ElementName=InstructionsPlaylist}" Grid.Row="0" HorizontalAlignment="Left" VerticalAlignment="Bottom" UseLayoutRounding="True" Width="873" Height="347" SnapsToDevicePixels="True" Stretch="Fill" />
  2. Oh, I see. Yes, there is no point in using Mame's RA core after having set up the standalone in LB. Which is not that hard either and is much more easier to configure the machines.
  3. @DOS76 @Lordmonkus Cool, thanks for the help. I'll probably not play much of it either but it's cool to have another system to look at in BigBox @neil9000 My issue with Mame in this case is just the filenames, the roms won't load. After getting used to how mame works and loads its systems, etc. I became a fan of it. The huge library of machines available is great and the ability to use overlays/shaders is a nice plus (one of the main reasons why i also prefer RA over standalone). If there was a way to load the games bypassing the name check i would probably use it sometimes. The command line gives me this error message: Error reading input file: file not found Fatal error: Device CD-ROM Image load failed: Unspecified error
  4. What about the RA core? Is it good or a standalone emulator is a better option?
  5. Hey, sorry to bother again.😟 I've downloaded a romset of 3DO games but the files don't follow the MAME naming convention, is it possible to load the game without renaming the roms or do I need to rename them? If so, is there an easy method to do it?
  6. Yes that's also a possibility. But if that was the case wouldn't LB not import it again when I did it manually? Because the game supposedly was already in the database, and that's why it just imported those 3 games, everything else was already there.
  7. Oddly enough it did import for me too when I imported my previous set a few months back (it was .173 i think). I downloaded the whole set and there are no missing roms. It must have been something about the Asteroids game, either i deleted it by mistake (don't recall doing so but it could've happen) or something else. The game did import just fine after manually dragging it into LB so no problem there. Also, after re-importing all files again just to make sure, only 3 more games were added (99 Bottles of Beer, RC De Go, Skins Game Tournament Edition) these games are in CHD format, I guess this means the set was fully imported. I'm now importing the software lists systems. I know they aren't yet supported and Jason is working on it but as a solution I'm using the Files.xml (Metadata folder) to specify the Platform/Game/File names for the systems, the information comes from the datfiles, with a little Notepad ++ macro i'm able to port the information with the correct tags and the games are all recognized by LB. I can provide you my Files.xml when i'm done importing everything if you guys want.
  8. Just re-imported the roms folder by dragging and dropping all the files into LB and using the regular wizard for the process. Since I have MAME as the emulator the mame metadata was fetched and the wizard prompted me to choose which files should be skipped or not. Imported everything, no skips and all the clones. As a test I did this with just Asteroids, since it was the game i noticed was missing, it was successfully imported and so i did it again for the whole set. Its now importing, it's taking it's time but seems to be a bit faster than the first import. Comparing the files on LB's wizard with the roms folder i noticed that 112 files weren't imported. I don't know for sure if there are any games in there but it looks like it just skipped some bios (and probably devices) which is fine as don't need them in LB anyway. If it helps to debug stuff out, here is the list of those files. As for the CHDs, this re-import scanned for the following files. I don't know if they are CHD exclusive games or not (some of them aren't, like Primal Rage 2 for instance) but LB did single them out. From the 518 sub-folders/games LB recognized 135. Sorry about the double post but since this an extensive post i figured its better for organization.
  9. I see, thank you for clarifying that. I'm on the LB's beta branch and the Mame.xml I mentioned earlier was indeed created today so I guess it's up to date with the MAME release. I've imported the set using the MAME Arcade Full Set wizard, however i noticed something odd. I was looking for some games to favorite and found out that for instance Asteroids was not imported. Searching in the mame.xml the files for that specific game are asteroid (parent), asteroid1, asteroid2 and asteroidb (clones), these files are on the mame set i've downloaded (split), however the game is not present on LB. I've imported the whole set without skipping any games and the clones were imported as additional apps however i can't find the parent game. Regarding the CHDs, i'm not sure if there are CHD exclusive games either, I think i've read somewhere that there are but i might be mistaken. I'll try to compare the chd folders and the zips to see if I find games that don't have a corresponding zip rom.
  10. Hi! I've downloaded the v3.11 packs and want to merge them into my installation of LB. If I understand correctly the setup.bat included in each pack extracts a new instance of a complete Launchbox installation, however I already have one properly set up with my other systems, is it possible to merge the eXoDOS packs into it? Which files do I need to copy over and update my installation after running the setup.bat?
  11. I've updated my mame version to 203, that just came out a few days ago, and am now in the process of importing everything again. How does Launchbox handle the files of the roms that were renamed from the previous version? When importing will they be recognized or just don't get imported at all? Is there a database from were LB gets the information of the roms/games included in each rom set that needs to be updated? About CHDs. Do i need to create a dummy zip for the ones that don't have an associated rom zip? I keep them in a sub-folder inside my roms folder (MAME\(roms) and MAME\CHD\(chds)), i've also set the path in the mame.ini and they load just fine in MAME but are there any issues regarding LB for keeping them separate? Sorry about the bombardment of questions, i'm still trying to figure things out. EDIT: I've found the Mame.xml file inside the Metadata folder, i guess that's the source LB uses for the MAME info. Not sure how up to date it is as I don't know which roms were renamed/added but i've imported everything anyway.
  12. Hi, i'm also trying to setup something like this for the media center i have on the living room. Using GDrive will surely ease the burden of having to copy the files over, however i'm a bit reluctant to give it a shot because of a possible soft-ban from google's services. Could this get you the 24h ban for too many api requests? I don't use Plex myself but i've read online that this is quite common when using the 2 simultaneously. My LB library isn't too much extensive but having the emulators run from gdrive plus the scraping of media files is something that i'm a bit apprehensive about...
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