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  1. you are right but I have noticed that in reconstructed tag It is common to upload the box with all the vectorized art and logos, that is, it is still the same box (I think that tag was specially made for that, to rebuild the box with every detail of the original, including these company logos) and in fan art box any type of fan-made box can be uploaded even by changing the original art I would like a section more focused on preserving the original art of the box by eliminating the company logos
  2. I think launch box should have the option to have a clean front box cover section or poster like steam games (without ESRB, company logos) I would improve the appearance in some Box cover and I would personally start uploading this type of cover to LB DB Examples: note: In the last example of super mario world I also think it would be an option for some of us who like this type of cover as in steam
  3. i can use the plugin in default? i mean no use the label just click the game and launch in steam
  4. hi thanks for the answer, i change the engine to WMP and yes more videos now works, but some still do not work (windows- Steam trailers)
    Some videos do not play, If that is fixed, it will be one of the best theme
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