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    @faeran i know your a busy guy with everything your doing and thankyou so so so much for everything. just a humble request. is there any chance we could get just a little bit more love for this theme and make the last few missing systems. i myself LOVE this theme, just shame its missing nintendo switch, GoG, PSN and a couple others would love to see this be a completed theme thankyou for your amazing work
  1. i also disagree. gog has become so big now it deserves to be it's own category. the fact it has every single game DRM free, makes it more organisable to keep drm free games seperate to those that use "cd required, online activation, online activity. Thus the reason i have requested to Jason for its own official category, with a collection of drm free games of easily over 1500 games and counting. i personally would like to keep these separate to other types of windows games.
  2. also with downloading youtube videos, you can also use an IDM called jdownloader2. and its literally as easy as right clicking the link and sometimes choosing copy or the jdownloader will auto grab the link and in the grabber tab you will see in a folder called "various files" or even just be there and you will find direct download links for all outputs of that video ready to download. its so much easier and quicker and how i grab videos i cant find via launchbox
  3. fully understand mate, its not a small file by any means. i'm most definitely looking forward to it, im still rebuilding my rom collection. i lost 18tb in a header corruption of my 2 drives. 4 weeks later still going strong. the big one file will be alot easier for me to download. thanks man much appreciated
  4. not that it effects me only coz im not using any dreamcast but in your complete logos zip file 10gig version it MIGHT have been me as it only used standard downloader to get it but according to the repair archive your dreamcast zip file was corrupted, the rest extracted just fine. had to do a repair on the zip file. and just now the gamecube was corrupted aswell. nah its a mess, pieces all over the place ....i'll try and redownload it again and let you know the results. surely it cant be this broken
  5. thanks, yeah as i got further in i got better with playing around with the strengths of paint. But I will rego through them and see if i can get the ones not so good, better. cheers
  6. G'day everyone, hope you all had a wonderful holiday seasoning break over Christmas. I have already sent Jason a message, he knew these were coming, Please be patient with me as these do take a fair bit of time to make and i am family man of 2 little children aswell. one boy 4 one girl 4months. I am still on the go but feel i have enough clear logos to produce to begin uploading, Atleast for now. I have zoned in on making steam games as i have over 3000+ I had noticed there was a mass amount of missing clear logos "and possibly others" but i focus on clears. this is no way completed but so far have done all of # and half way to 3 quarters done doing A.
  7. DUDE!!! i love that idea, looks very professional! awesome work
  8. how many did brad have? http://steamcommunity.com/id/2Phen "i come with the games"
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