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  1. That's amazing. As CutTheRug said, You're the man! Can't wait to see it.
  2. What absolutely incredible work @viking. I have only just discovered this and I am completely floored by the quality and attention to detail. Will you be releasing the source files for the existing platforms or just to create new one's? I can see a need to possibly change a background colour depending on the theme you're applying it to. Well done and what an incredible thing to share.
  3. Truly this is fantastic. I have created a few systems myself which I will share once I have them squared away. I'd have loved to have gotten hold of the original vectors (which were unbelievable) as I could have filled the platform gaps far more easily. It's a great shame they are no longer available. Even as a graphic designer by trade myself, these take a really, really long time from scratch so I really appreciate your work.
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