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    This has been my startup video for the last year - now I have an arcade cab I don’t suppose you could do a 4:3 version?
  1. Just my opinion but bezels suck - totally distracting and unauthentic. I was looking forward to the load screens but only in certain scenarios do I feel they are actually needed. A couple of examples - extracting zip files can take a while and some of the teknoparrot games take ages to load so it would be good to hide the command line box while this is happening. but....I wouldn’t want any of these features if it degrades performance.
  2. Morning @cloudd If your 360 controller works when you’re using teknoparrot standalone it sounds like your settings aren’t getting pulled through when using launchbox. try the method I posted above again but make sure the ‘rom file’ you point towards for each game is the .xml stored inside the user profile folder not the game profile folder. Getting this method to work means you can use teknoparrot as an emulator and subsequently be able to use auto hot keys.
  3. Dude yes! I’ve literally been looking for some mame themes this week! Could you sneak up the turtles and Simpson’s arcade when you get to it 😁 thank you!!! 👍🏼👍🏼
  4. So it doesn’t work directly through teknoparrot? Have you gone into game settings and pointed it to the .exe file? Mine only works full screen that’s why I mentioned that. it must work in teknoparrot before you put through launchbox
  5. Have you unticked window mode in teknoparrot ? does it work in teknoparrot standalone?
  6. Ok so I sorted it with a little (a lot) help from a friend! It’s a different method to what’s been posted so I’ll walk it through in steps to help anyone else that needs it! first set up all the games in the teknoparrot emulator directly so that it generates a .xml file for each (stored in the emulator folder in userprofiles folder) You use these .xml files to import the games into launchbox (names will have to be manually changed when scraping info set teknoparrot up as an emulator pointing to the technoparrotui.exe and ticking the boxes shown in the attached photo. add t
  7. This is doing my head in! I’m setting up let’s go island through teknoparrot. I’ve imported the let’s go island game.exe file, set teknoparrot as emulator (pointed at parrotloader.exe without a command line it Loads but without my settings configured including not full screen. However when I put the command line - - profile=LGI.xml in it fails to load and says “- - profileLGI.xml not found” any help would be sooooo appreciated!
  8. They’re separate platforms - scraped as arcade but it hasn’t duplicated by the looks 🤔
  9. Is launchbox clever enough not to import games I already have in fba and capcom 1-3...?
  10. Was that with all options ticked as well? It was the approx 60GB set ?
  11. I’ve just imported a complete set (0.187) I had all the options ticked to skip casino games etc and to create collections. After import I had 1400(ish) games taken from 32000 folders in the rom set. Does this sound right? The only noticeable exclusion I could find was Batman which i subsequently imported as a single file.
  12. I’m having an issue with the new feature where you can set different themes for individual platforms. as pictured below I want to use comixbox for the daphne platform and set specifically to the full screen view shown below. When I exit the platform and then go straight back in - the view changes to what appears to be a mix up of two themes!?! it does the same with retrofresh - no matter what view I choose, once I exit and return back (even in the same session) it defaults back to the view pictured below! any help would be great thanks 👍🏼
  13. Does this method negate the need to disable auto updates on daphne loader as in eta primes YouTube tutorial?
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