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  1. Whoops my bad. I did infact put the custom banner images in the wrong spot. Just wondering how I can get the theme to use custom images for the platform selection menu, where it show "Arcade", "Computers" etc and the mode selection menu after selecting a platform where it shows "All Games" etc. Also for the game logo packs. When browsing in the views like below. Were you still planning on adding more clear logos for Xbox 360, PS3, etc? Or have it use some other images that can fit or recommend just creating my own for now? I've noticed the logos aren't named after the games but in digits? Just don't want most of some blank. Sorry to be a hassle. Thanks again.
  2. Hey Viking, Loving the theme thus far. Just have a request if you could please add or show me how to add my own? It's in regards to when using the view as Platform Categories. Were you planning on adding new icons there? because the default i'm not a fan of. I have uploaded a picture. Thanks.
  3. Hi cemfundog, Looks like a fantastic theme. I'm in the same boat as WENDJA. I'm really confused on how it all works. I've tried following the instructions, but i'm still stumped. I have posted some photos on some of the issues i've got that I can't resolve. Sorry as I am still learning how the bigbox themes work and how to customize them. I hope to be able to get it running how you have in the video. Thanks.
  4. Hello, loving this theme. Was just wondering if you will be adding an option to move the cover art of the game to somewhere, so it doesn't cover game preview videos? Also the aspect ration for some games videos is too large for the box for some reason. Anyway to adjust that? That was a video downloaded from emumovies.
  5. That would be great thanks. I really would love to use this plugin
  6. I was wondering if this is still compatible with the latest version? I'm not sure if I did something wrong, but after using. It put all genre's for most of my platforms. What did I do wrong? Would really love to use this plugin haha.
  7. Love the theme. Been using it for a while until a weird issue has popped up. Not sure what has caused it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. In the pictures I have attached, where it's supposed to show just the genre for the game, players etc. It show's genre only and like every genre for some reason. What could be the issue? Edit: Nevermind, it was to do with a plugin I used that bulk edited genre's haha.
  8. I could do that successfully in mame but in Demul there's no such config for XInput X and Y directions etc.
  9. Hi everyone, new here. I've had no trouble getting 2 wiimotes working in Mame, but has anyone had any success getting 2 wiimotes synced through the dolphin bar to work through DemulShooter etc? Problem is that you can't run the Wiimotes raw through the dolphin bar? Do i have to bite the bullet and buy AimTrak guns?
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