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  1. Hi its not pirated License as I have bought it directly from this site and sent to my e-mail and this is error I have took the License.xml file from my launchbox and put it in the other PC and it works now before I have opened my email and downloaded the file from there to my launchbox DIR and it gives me the error I think maybe it was damage file
  2. Hi does anyone knows why I'm getting this error when I put My license.xml on my other PC I have? Thanks
  3. Try this and the blur will go for good Just tick Enable the HW Hacks then go tape the Advanced Settings and Hacks You will see the Texture Offsets just put 360 in X and 490 in Y then save it and then run the game to see that the blur effects is gone for good This worked for me in PSCX2 1.6.0 Regards
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