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  1. Test Unit Nexus 7 2013 - Android Pie 9.0 Pixel Experience Custom Rom Android LB 0.18 USB-to-Go Xbox360 Controller (Roms display fine, loads fine, and plays fine with Xbox360 Controller) Using LB 10beta4 (Images and Backgrounds) Atari 2600, Atari 7800, NES, SNES, Genesis Issue After exiting any rom in any emulator (I set up right analog controller button as exit), the controller d-pad, left analog , A or B doesn't respond. I have to change my view from list to box or vice versa (using Y or touch screen) or exit emulator menu until controller responds. Worked fine in Android LB 0.17.
  2. @Jason Carr Thanks for all the hard work on both sides of LB. Might be a good idea to put on your first post the Android version that's currently published in the play store so those that don't update their Android LB app regularly would know what version is currently out there (might solve some issues). Also, put the version updates in there too.
  3. @sundogak Wow, who would've thought! Thanks for explaining that. It was driving me nuts! I'm with you on just naming the exact names for the logo/vids instead of making individual folders for each. Seems like a lot of work. I will get to it and test it out. Thanks!
  4. Thanks @Jason Carr for the awesome Unified Redux theme. I do have a question (running LB/BB 9.1 and Unified Redux 1.6) regarding the Genres and Playmodes Background. When I go into the Genre or Playmode submenus, I don't see the 2-player, 4-player, action & adventure, etc... backgrounds, just the default screen for arcade or consoles. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks again.
  5. Hi, thanks for clearing that up for me on where these awesome rings should go. I put them in the theme folder too for my Unified Redux but noticed that my Platform Categories don't show up (Genre, Play Modes) even after running Image Cache refresh? Do I need to run the LB categories again? Thanks!
  6. I already had Use All Controllers unchecked and controller is XINPUT XBOX 360/XBOX ONE and now I have Steam up and running in the systray and my controller is fine now?! The only thing I did different was go into Steam-->Settings-->Controller-->General Controller Settings and noticed my controller was Unrecognized. I made sure Steam recognized my controller and it came back as an XBOX ONE controller (which it's not, it's a wired XBOX 360) and I fire up Big Box multiple times and no double input??
  7. Results: I closed out Steam before starting BigBox and the double press on my "A" button had gone down to every once in a while (I'd say a 95% improvement). I hadn't mentioned that it also fixed my controller scroll up/down on the menus as it was jumping to every other selection so I think you were correct to say Steam was causing duplicate inputs. Hope that helps you in resolving any issues or your troubleshooting. Note: I updated BigBox to version 9.1 and turned on Steam and was able to reproduce the double input entry.
  8. @Jason Carr I usually have Steam open while using BigBox. I will completely close out Steam and get back into BigBox to see if that resolves the issue as soon as I get a chance. Thanks for putting your hard work and effort in trying to resolve this issue. Otherwise, a great product that I just got a forever license during Black Friday! I'll post results here.
  9. Hi, I'm using Big Box 9.0 and Unified Redux theme with my Wired Xbox360 controller. System Specs: Intel i7 -6700HQ Nvidia 960m Windows 10 1809 My scrolling wheel works fine without the lag or pause. I have had it crash on me several times where I need to end task on Big Box. BUT for the life of me, I can't figure out why my "A" button which is "select" will do a double press majority of the time while in Big Box. My "B" button which is "back" doesn't do a double press. Any ideas? Thanks!
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