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  1. whenever i launch an imported steam game through launchbox, whilst steam is not running, when the steam launches, it's language is set to russian. anyone else having this issue?
  2. i cant find a simple, lightweight theme that would show what platform is a game on while im in playlist view. Can anyone help me find one? Maybe a way to make criticalzone v2 theme have such a feature?
  3. very nice. although, most of the box images take up too much space, to the point where you cant see the select options (play game and different game)
  4. nope. btw, just deleted the retroarch.cfg, because somehow increasing volume with bigbox messed the retroarch up to the point of black screen in games. now when i use the bigbox controller automation to change volume in retroarch, at first it says "null", then it says "saved to slot 1" and then it says "slow motion" and its in slow motion. i just wont use bigbox automation in retroarch i suppose, screw this man
  5. nope, no custom configs in retroarch. even deleted the config folder in retroarch just in case but still, the problem persists. Btw, i meant to say that i am using bigbox, not launchbox. Is there such a button map option as "toggle fullscreen" for bigbox? i dont see one. retroarch minimizes only when i use bigbox controller automation to change the volume, so i tried switching hotkeys in bigbox but the problem is still there. checked launchbox button maps just in case, and toggle fullscreen is set to none.
  6. its nothing (aka ---). i wiped most of the hotkeys in retroarch in fact, so thats why im saying that i dont understand whats going on.
  7. what do i change exactly? i dont have a button mapped on retroarch that minimizes retroarch.
  8. for me, when i use controller automation to increase system volume while using retroarch, retroarch goes to tiny windowed mode... any ideas why? my launchbox hotkey enable key is L3, while retroarch's hotkey enable key is Select, so i dont get it at all..
  9. ya, i guess you are right. wouldnt fit the format of your theme videos with only 3 entries.
  10. hm lemme check this out. and it works fine with using vlc engine in bigbox? EDIT: nah, vlc engine still is crap in bigbox
  11. ok i stumbled into a fix. go to your launchbox dir, vlc folder and delete vlc.cfg. you still have to use wmp engine though.
  12. k-lite didnt fix it for me either. i downloaded mega pack and still artifacts while using bigbox.
  13. nice list. kinda missing mother/earthbound playlist theme videos
  14. could you make a 4:3 ratio version?
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