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  1. That's a question I'm sure many of us have. I like to see this hobby as a living digital collection. Just like my real collection, when i see something i may like i pick it up. I also merge my physical collection with my digital collection within launchbox. I just describe in every new entries if this is an imported rom or a physical copy. Every so often i export an xml file of every system into excel. This way when i'm in the haunt for games in the real world i have an exact and up to date statement of wich game i have and in wich format. For digital haunting i would highly recommend these YT channels: Metal jesus rocks ( see hidden gems list) My life in gaming (very detailed hardware specificities) Modern vintage gamer (system reviews) Game sack (many game list) Classics gaming quaterly (system and game reviews) Slopes game room (many game series descriptions and knowledge)
  2. I really like the concept. But a per system sounds more reallistic. For a small collection of very specific games why not but for a fullset.. A used to put these fan arts straight to the fan art folder like thornback said and it did the job for me. But when it comes to a per game fan art, launchbox isn't apprpriate in my understanding.
  3. Really great. The dream of many collectors. Robin55, With your great arts we are so close to the feeling of handling the real thing.. your dedication to get all arts for every regions is outstanding (3d boxes, CDs...). Thank you.
  4. How. It looks like an amazing collection. I never tried virtual pinballs and this looks like a nice option to get quickly a beautifull collection. Thank you.
  5. Yes, here it is. I don't remember if it's in the default pack.
  6. Yep the complete path for me: D:\LaunchBox\Themes\CleanBG\Images\Platforms\Fanart
  7. Hi all, I didn't realize this theme was still active and updated by the community. Below you'll find backgrounds I made for my own use. They don't perfectly mimic the original but it does the job (at least for my own use). I hope this may be useful to some of you.
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