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I found this thread over on the Retroarch forums which is probably the best info you can find.


Here is the copy / paste of what to do.

What you need:

- The 'hash' folder from a MAME install
- 'a5200.zip' bios file
- Game roms that matches the ones listed in a5200.xml in the 'hash' folder precisely. For example, a Centipede rom must be called 'centiped.zip' and contain the file 'centiped.bin'.

What you do:

1. Create a folder in the RetroArch system folder called 'mame' - so system/mame

2. Copy the 'hash' folder to the new 'mame' folder. So you now have system/mame/hash

3. Create a folder in the 'mame' folder called 'roms' - so system/mame/roms

4. Create a folder in the 'roms' folder called 'a5200' - so system/mame/roms/a5200

5. Create another folder in the 'a5200' folder called 'a5200' - so system/mame/roms/a5200/5200

6. Copy the 'a5200.zip' file to system/mame/roms/ or unzip the file in system/mame/roms/a5200/5200 (That's what the documentation says, I did both as well as having a copy of a5200.zip in system/mame/roms/a5200/ for good measure.)

7. Copy the game roms to system/mame/roms/a5200/

8. Now it should work via the 'MAME' core.

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Also, now that I think about it, knowing the way MAME works you'd need to get the special MESS/MAME Software lists for it to work, because MESS in RetroArch takes away a few customization options that is needed in MESS if you don't use software lists.


Edit: just saw your second post Monkus, yea essentially you need the software rom package, then it functions just like MAME. However, that is a royal pain in the ass.

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5 minutes ago, lordmonkus said:

I'm gonna go through the list of instructions and see if I can get it to work, I am not gonna spend an inordinate amount of time at it though.

The easiest method is just grabbing a software rom pack torrent, downloading only the "a5200" folder, dropping it in the proper location and trying that way. However, we only internalize MAME names, not the Software portion, so it wont work well. This is why the tutorial I did for MESS used a standalone version. You tell MESS where your MAME Roms folder is (if you download a MAME Rom pack it has all the BIOS you need, even for the consoles), then import your games and assign it MESS like a normal emulator, with the proper command line arguments.

@reignstumble If you have any questions concerning the tutorial, I am more than happy to answer them for you.


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No, don't ditch Retroarch at all, it does an amazing job for most everything but Mess stuff is really awful to get working.

You can use it for things like PSP, N64 and Dreamcast but I would recommend stand alones for that. I would also Recommend stand alone Mame for arcade emulation but for all other "normal" consoles Retroarch is arguably the best out there.

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Yea, what Monkus said. PSP, Dreamcast, Arcade and MESS I would use standalones for. Everything else is great in RetroArch. Most of the tutorials on our channel deal with RetroArch in fact. It's one of the best emulators, I think. If you want a down to basics RetroArch tutorial watch the SNES one:


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I got it to work. I will try and do my best to explain it. I used this post here http://libretro.com/forums/showthread.php?t=4990&p=33726&viewfull=1#post33726 to get it working. follow the folder structure.

+ - system
+ - - mame
+ - - - hash
+ - - - - a5200.xml
+ - - - - a5200.hsi
+ - content
+ - - mame
+ - - - a5200
+ - - - - a5200.zip
+ - - - - spaceinv.zip

Roms will have to be very specifically named according to the a5200.xml file in the hash/mame folder. Roms also HAVE to be in the \system\mame\roms\a5200\ folder. I tried with the rom in a different folder and it didn't work.

Here is a screenshot as proof, though I still wouldn't do it this way.


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