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GUI Navigation is slow (normal mode)

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What @Maddoc1007said right here is so right.

So many times people think that because they have a ton of ram they can have a ton of programs and services running in the back ground. But they don't realize that it's not just using ram but CPU cycles. Keeping those services to only what you need and disabling the shit they don't need can boost a PCs performance by quite a lot at times.

Love BlackVipers site, been using it for years to reduce my systems background services. In my recent crap computer build with Windows 7 the first thing I did was load up that site and go through every service in the services.msc panel and turned everything that wasn't needed off.

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 I'm really curious how the cache to memory works.  Lets say i have 7GB cache folder size and 512MB cache to ram setting. What gets cached to ram? Is it just whatever fits for the platform you are currently in or what? And when switching?

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Yup, i also use Blackviper's guide since years ago. My current Windows 7 setup only has 45 processes when it loads.


I tested this new behavior and it does indeed eliminate scrolling lag on my mechanical drive, after restarts. Although, now i get images pop as i scroll (as if the images were never cached) but it's the preferred "poison" for me since it;s less annoying.


I think the best solution would be an option to allow the program go through all pictures automatically while it's open, without needing to manually scroll in order for pictures to appear. Sort of like popping in the background. It shouldn't take more than 1-2 minutes (depending on the size of the collection and speed of drive) to complete and since it doesn't lag anyway during this period it won't have a side effect. So you just get this popping effect during those first few minutes if you scroll. Otherwise you just leave it open for a minute without using it and then you get a lag-free pop-free experience.


Also, is there a chance for an option to get the previous behavior? You know, before this update. It was better on the RAMDisk, there was no popping or lag, now there is popping even in the super fast RAMDisk. Just an option, it doesn't have to be completely eliminated or changed, more options are good.

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I don't ever remember using that website, but I've been turning off services, start up programs and background behavior for at least 7 or 8 years. XP, 7, 8 and now 10. I've gotten a bit more lax on some of the requirements as I am doing more than ever on PC's and need that stuff running, but I also have a beast PC, and even then im turning extra stuff off all the time. Between that, Driver Booster (out of date drivers can cause a whole hell of a lot of hardships, and there are driver updates for things you never knew existed on your PC) and Advanced System Care with it's various clean up routines make the world of difference on PC's. I've used them on clients PC's and they generally solve a lot of different issues. I had Jason use DriverBooster once and he was surprised at the list that needed updating, and I recall him saying it also solved a different problem he was having.



I would urge someone to pay for a license if it really does start to work, because I think they do a fantastic job, but there are ways to 'test' the full versions if you really want to see what it's like at full.

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On 8/16/2016 at 10:21 PM, Sepulchre said:

I have a relatively large library as well. For me, BigBox slows down significantly when moving through the different letters (A-Z) in the quick search (coverflow w/ details), not the full search. I cannot quickly move from letter to letter without significant pauses between many letters. Platforms can have between 700-1300 games and have fan art as the background and game videos enabled.

Does BigBox need to cache the different letter "bookmarks" to transition smoothly?

  • Windows 10 x64
  • i5-2500
  • 12GB DDR3
  • 7200RPM HDD

You know i noticed this problem  in version 6.3 ..when the latest build came out I notice the problem has lessened and more so depending on  the fade in/out options .. i had all explosion's set on every option ..when i changed to to default i had no problems as of latest build ..

my specs are

Windows 8.1

Amd 8350 4.2  8 core

Nvidia geforce 760 gtx 4gb

32 gb ram

13TB(5*3tb) Raid-5 HDD

Im 99.9% sure its not system related , seems to me more so with Video ,it acts like as Vsync slow down

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