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Silver Ring - ClearLogo Set

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Thanks to all that are creating these rings. If anyone has time, the following auto generated AO.Bigbox.Plugin playlist types would be useful to have a ring made.  Currently, I am using the "playlist" ring but something specific would be great. 

  • Frequent
  • Random
  • Recent
  • Everything  (EDIT:  I found them in existing pack. For some reason not picking up in my theme. Must be naming issue).
  • Rhythm (I don't see these in the recent Arcade MAME playlist rings but maybe I missed it)

If only I could master GIMP and/or Photoshop!  Thanks. 





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Already had the four logos made.

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5 hours ago, Detran said:

I made this one for video


Any chance you could make one that said "Game Collections" or just "Collections" with a cool background? I'm using a sub directory that conatains all my collections like Namco Classics, Street Fighter Collection, etc. 

Thanks to everyone who is making these awesome rings!

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2 hours ago, dragon57 said:


@jeffy777, how is this?



@dragon57 Could you please also do a version that is more zoomed in on a just few of the faces in the background? When I load it into my theme, it's too small to see what the background is? Thanks again, really appredciate it!

Sorry for the double post.

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Someone can make/share a Nintendo-VS Platform.

And a game wheels template for :

Nintendo VS

Nintendo Playchoice

PGM games



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