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Silver Ring - ClearLogo Set


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@Detran, loving you logos. It may be too much too ask. but on my system, I have playlists for 70's,80's, & 90;s,  I have logos for these. See attached. I also have each broken down by individual years. 1970 collection, 1971 Collection etc. I have these though 2020. Would love to have your talent create logos for them.


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2 hours ago, fyrenthenimar said:


Could you share or make some rings for:

Game wheels template:
    *  Neo Geo Pocket
    *  Neo Geo Pocket Color
    * Bally Astrocade



@fyrenthenimar, you can find those in the downloads from this link:

Bally Astrocade is in Console archive and the two Neo Geo files are in the Handheld archive.

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3 hours ago, fyrenthenimar said:


Yes, I know and I use them but it's for platform wheel not for Game Wheels.

Ah, sorry about that. I thought you were wanting the Platform files. I may have some of the game logos. I recall starting to work on them some time ago. I'll check and get back.

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@fyrenthenimar, I have uploaded the logos I have for the Wonderswan, Wonderswan Color, Neo Geo Pocket Color and Neo Geo Pocket. That is one more than what you asked for, but I figured I would go ahead and upload it since I had it ready.

Note: I suspect my library doesn't have all the games for these platforms, so I included the template I used in each case so you can add your own later.

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