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Launchbox Has Passed Hyperspin


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On 24/09/2016 at 9:06 AM, ALIE said:

voted as well nice seeing LB take the lead.

it really has surpassed Hyperspin and the rest.


sure has in every way, don't get me wrong hyperspin was gold until the developer went on a very long hiatus when he lost interest in the project and basically since then it was other devs making poor patches to make things work, good on jason and the team for constant development of launchbox 

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Launchbox is the way to go! The things you can do with this is unbelievable! In my eyes its worth spending the money because the developers just constantly find more ways to make it more better and easier to use!

Hyperspin you could almost say needs a rebuild!! At the moment everything needs to be done manually when you're adding new systems, artwork, videos, roms etc....I was a noob to all this 12 months ago and took me a long time to full understand and master it! Launchbox I would recommend to all new users to the scene, and it does most of the work for you! besides setting up emulators.

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2 minutes ago, mameau said:

most defiantly easier, i remember with hyperspin it was painful as you had to work with modules etc, at least now with retroarch handling a lot of emulation process it makes it even easier also

Also glad that rocket launcher works well together with launchbox, makes all other emulators run much better!!

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I have built many Hyperspin cabinets and got a big one on the way. I have it all on a 5TB drive so I think converting over won't be a problem at all. Just tired of the lack of widesceen support among other things. So many hours of my life has been dedicated to this front end. It's a black abyss that sucks you in.  I think I'll just grab another 5TB drive to see how LB plays out in a cabinet setting. How is the support for the Mayflash Dolphin Bar on LB?


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I don't have a Mayflash Dolphin Bar at all but I don't see any reason it should be a problem for Launchbox.

Unlike HyperSpin, Launchbox doesn't rely on a back end program like RocketLauncher (and its modules) to function. As long as the emulators you are using supports the controllers and accessories Launchbox will be fine. As far as a controller working as the controls with Launchbox goes any controller that is recognized by windows it should work just fine.

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I must say that I also always liked Hyperspin and tried in vain to get it up and running. Then thanks to simply austin's video I discovered lauchbox. It was the ease of use that austin talked about, so I thought I'd give it a go. It was the best $50 I've ever spent!! In most cases you add your roms and emulator and you are done, which is awesome. You do however get certain systems that are a problem and require some time to be invested in them (Future Pinball YAWN). However with the wonderful community and brads videos it is a pleasurable experience to build up my system list, where as Hyperspin was not. Don't get me wrong, I love Hyperspin, but I've found a new home with Launchbox.

Keep up the good work guys, it is most appreciated

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