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PSX Emulation in Retroarch


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Morning All

I seen Launchbox the other day and loved the work being done here. I have since donated and become a lifetime supporter.

However i got to the the PS1 emulation and hit a wall. I have some games that are (Pal) and Most (NTSC)

The games that are for Pal when try to load from Launchbox get a black screen. Is there no default command to have Retroarch use a specific Bios for specific games. I have the bios files required as i can get them to work in PSXE but i am trying to get as many working in Retroarch as possible before going with other emulators.

How does Retroarch choose what bios to use when launched? is it only working with NTSC bios's ?

The only solution otherwise it to find NTSC versions.

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It's possible but its also possible that your disk images are not ones that Retroarch likes. Is the disk image in a cue + bin format ?

Also do you have the 3 bios files listed on the wiki page https://wiki.libretro.com/index.php?title=Beetle/Mednafen_PSX#BIOS ?

I don't have any PAL region games that I am aware of so I cannot test directly but I believe that Retroarch will automatically load the right bios for the game where necessary.

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