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Best Dreamcast Emulator ?


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What is the best emulatrore dreamcast you might meglioa of adapting to the mini PC with launchbox? On Youtube I saw several experiments dreamcast emulators perfectly compatible with baytrail, but I have not understood the command configuration settings they were well clear.
What do you use for dreamcast?

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4 hours ago, wallmachine said:
Dreamcast (Console)
MAME Driver Status: Preliminary
Best Emulator: RetroArch (Reicast Core)

Reicast is currently the best open-source Dreamcast emulator available, sadly amidst "superior" closed-source options available under Windows that support the Atomisware and NAOMI arcade platforms. Reicast is the "next generation" of nullDC, expanding upon its host platform availability to include mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. While wider availability is generally a good thing, this has resulted in cutting accuracy corners from the NullDC codebase to achieve the speed goals necessary to run on these platforms. Advancements in mobile hardware should in theory lead to the removal of such "hacks"; however lack of developer resources and interest has lead to long delays in project updates - so don't hold your breath. All that said, the addition of a Reicast core to RetroArch seems to have renewed interest in Dreamcast emulation, particularly with the RetroArch team themselves.

The RetroArch core offers an even better overall experience across more platforms than its standalone counterpart, so check it out! The adventurous may want to try redream, a newer multi-platform Dreamcast emulator that, while not yet quite as advanced as Reicast, holds a great deal more promise for future developments.

The MAME driver has been coming along nicely, though most games don't boot very far, and those that do run nowhere near the speed of the original system. Still, any MAME progress is great to see.


The key phrase there being "best open-source Dreamcast emulator". Reicast still isn't on the level of Demul. Demul is closed-source, Windows only, and has somewhat steep hardware requirements, but if you're on Windows and have the necessary hardware, it's the best option.

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You can use Demul for Atomiswave and Naomi, but I honestly don't have any experience with that. I believe you have to have separate emulator entries between DC and those though because I think they use different command line parameters.

@DOS76 can you jump in here? I know you've got experience with this stuff. I've only ever used Demul for DC personally.

EDIT: Actually this should be what you're looking for:



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I have a problem with BigBox and Demul when quit from dreamcast games. 
Quit Work fine , the problem is that when I quit Demul with combo that by default use launchbox, the software fails to return to launchbox. Launchbox closes but if we press CTRL + ALT + Delete the bigBOX processes are still open.
What can it be ?

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I sort of feel like from your user name and the name of the site that you wrote this and are just trying to get hits on your site but since its related to emulation I won't mark it as spam this time. I would have to say though the guide is seriously lacking any substance. It is poorly worded and edited. If you are the writer I suggest that you take some more time and check your grammar before offering it up as the final product. I hope you don't take this in a negative way it is meant as a constructive criticism. 

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