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Check if I have all the Roms for a particular system?


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Not checking for all games specifically I don't think, at least I'm not sure if that was originally intended. There is a lot we could do with Audits though, and this would be pretty cool and something I am sure Jason would want to do. However, since we're rom set agnostic, what do we check a full list against? How do we make sure the check is accurate? Those are legit questions, not trying to say this wont or couldn't happen.

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Could also check against dats from Dat-o-matic. This functionality already exists in Clrmamepro. You put in a dat file and do a scan. I'm pretty sure it checks for CRCs as well. Works for any system that has a dat file. But I guess somebody has to write the dats, and even no intro does updates to their lists. I remember once checking a pretty popular system against a dat and having left over roms.

I guess what I'm saying is for a lot of systems it isn't an easy task to create a "perfect" set. It probably requires a lot of research. In summation, yeah use no intro when possible and try not to worry too much about perfection. Just my advice. :D

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