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Version 7.8 - Released March 21, 2017

- New Premium Feature: Playlists are now available with a ton of new options! They can also be displayed next to your platforms in LaunchBox and Big Box.

- New Premium Feature: Custom filters have now been replaced with auto-populating playlists, which are much more flexible and more performant!

- New Premium Feature: Playlists can now optionally created on imports to divide up Arcade platforms into various subdivisions such as Capcom Classics, Namco Classics, etc. These playlists can also be created after the fact using Tools > Create Missing Arcade/MAME Playlists.

- Improvement: Platforms and playlists now both have a Sort Title field that can be used to custom sort them

- Improvement: Theme videos can now be downloaded for playlists as well as platforms using the Download Platform/Playlist Theme Videos option from the Tools menu

- Improvement: New controller buttons and keyboard mappings have been added for each view type in Big Box (switching between platforms, playlists, genres, etc.)

- Improvement: Platforms (and playlists as well) can now be managed directly in the sidebar via right click instead of always using Tools > Manage Platforms

- Improvement: In order to better support some MAME games that don't have an associated zip file, LaunchBox will no longer complain that the ROM file does not exist if the emulator's "use file name only without file extension or path" box is checked

- Improvement: Updated the list of Patreon producers in the About dialog once again! As always, thank you very much to all producers! https://www.patreon.com/launchbox

- Fixed: Renaming platforms was creating duplicate platforms

- Fixed: When exiting Big Box with the exit shortcut key or button, the last platform used was not being saved

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3 minutes ago, Patham said:

Haha, I've actually not played in a few days, the son's been sick so I really need to get back at it. Oh, and grats on the new title. :)

Snap I have been sick myself for a few days, and haven't touched it myself either for actually about a week!!

Oh and thanks for the Title thanks. I did ask but.....

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