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  1. does it tie into launchbox?
  2. does Launchbox support HBMAME now? looking at adding it to my set-up but wanting art ect
  3. where'd you get the bezels from?
  4. Great tool! , how am I able to copy the rerool roms to a new folder from my no intro folder? also how am I able to have the same game with multiple names? eg bubble bath babes is also known as Mermaids of Atlantis - The Riddle of the Magic Bubble both in the US
  5. great! thank you that plugin looks great , no idea why its not baked into LB by default , is there any way to add bezels for emulators which aren't mame or retroarch? like Naomi, Daphne ect? or will I have to use rocketlauncher for those?
  6. hey guys just wondering how to boot zip files (.bin and cue) without extracting files , just by importing them as zip files , i have previously used rocket launcher to do this , which I'm trying to move away from though it is hard
  7. great pack! is there any chance of more OG hyperspin sounds being ported /selecting just the OG hyperspin sounds , I use BB on a cabinet so I mainly want arcade/older console sounds
  8. with the new update that just got released , looks like its now possible to port all the hyper spin sounds to lunchbox/bigbox, is anyone currently working on that?
  9. Anyone have a link to this art? seems like the original files have been removed
  10. Hi Guys, I Just set-up Retroarch and some commodore cd32 games , the games are booting fine but I'm not able to use all the input buttons some work and some don't , I'm using an Ipac set-up as an xbox controller , all other cores in RA are working fine with no control inputs needing to be changed , any help or advice how to fix this would be appreciated , would rather not use standalone win UAE as it doesn't support bezels without rocketlauncher which I'm trying to remove from my system
  11. how does that work? would open me upto having more consoles from that era, as I have my Ipac configured as xbox controllers , any chance of some photos or a link to the holders? do you have Nintendo 64 setup with arcade controls or xbox controllers?
  12. What games are must haves for an arcade cabinet? or what percentage of games are playable with arcade controls?
  13. how can do you setup teknoparrot with LB?
  14. Japanese Saturn has a lot of missing art I've noticed
  15. Happy to wait for a full release if its got all the art etc , love this theme very excited!
  16. Amazing theme! is more packs coming out? missing a few platform arts and game arts for those platforms then it'll be my favorite theme!
  17. any chance you can make one for tiger handhelds + arcade platforms? like Naomi , Type X , Nessica ect?
  18. hey guys anyone know why MSX doesn't scrape with emumovies? using a no intro set
  19. This themes great! would be my main theme if it wasn't missing art for some of my platforms , any chance you will be adding more?
  20. Hey guys just wondering what PC platforms suit best for arcade controls? eg X6800 MSX ect?, what systems have complete art ect
  21. is Deathsmiles 2 playable now?
  22. is launchbox updated to use all working mame games? from memory it was out of date for a while , so even if i had the newest set i wouldn't be able to import them as they weren't marked as "working"
  23. just wondering if its worth updating from .185? how many more games are playable and if the import tool is updated to the latest version? emu movies doesn't seem to be updated since 2018 for mame , so will alot of games be missing art ect?
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