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Can't find a game...


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Hi All,

I know for a fact that I have Super Mario Advance in my LaunchBox collection but when I search for it or browse to it I cannot find it. I even re-imported it but it said "imported 0 roms" because i assume it is already imported.

Is there a way to search by file name? Any clue why i can't find it?

Thank you!

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ok so I have just checked mine and have the same results as you I have the ROM but it never imported I also have "Super Mario Advance 2 / 3 and 4" and they are showing fine so I will need to look into it a little further to see why its not importing properly


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7 hours ago, Rincewind said:

So I just tried to re-import the ROM and I even copied and renamed the file without the (USA) and same thing happened as you, 0 games imported.... this is strange.

Does anyone have Super Mario Advance showing in there collection at all?

Weird right? I wonder what other games might be like this.

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I have it in my collection anyway, all four of them. I think I recall having to rename one as it pulled in the wrong video and clear logo or something. In your screenshot @Rincewind the video is from Super Mario Advance: Super Mario Bros. 2 instead of Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World. Here's a screenshot from mine:


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1 minute ago, DOS76 said:

yeah mine was just like Neils but that is something I've noticed that LB has difficulties differentiating between part one and two of game series and you will get a dupe that isn't really a dupe

Yeah must be a scraping issue, as the game is called Super Mario Advance, but the actual game on the cart is Super Mario Brothers 2. So it seems to be trying to match all parts of the name which has a 2 in it and is therefore scraping wrong.

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Yea, root names is a problem. If a game shares a part of it's name with another game, regardless of anything else, it can get found easily and this is a prime example. I've seen reports of this several times in the past and there's no real way to fix sadly.

Also, to make things easier next time, load up LaunchBox and edit the game in question. Check the path and it will tell you exactly what rom it's using. I even have the rom file name in my game details bar set to on.

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Sorted it out in the end by....

  • deleting = Super Mario Advance 2 - Super Mario World
  • changing = Super Mario Advance (USA, Europe) too = Super Mario Advance - Super Mario Bros 2
  • then import (drag into LaunchBox) = Super Mario Advance - Super Mario Bros 2 and = Super Mario Advance 2 - Super Mario World
  • once imported only one video downloads and that is for the wrong game so rename it too the other rom name and then download the correct video for the other one from EmuMovies

Thanks @angelobodetti I wasn't even bothered until I realized it was wrong please dont find any more hahahah :D

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