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About ready to start building a cabinet, but still stuck getting a few MAME systems working with LaunchBox. Goal is before I start construction, I have the software issues sorted out. I'm doing this all on my PC for now, making detailed notes for each system... it's not the system that will be used, I haven't purchased that yet.

Right now, my enemy is Naomi.

I have Capcom vs Streetfighter II. I tried with my MAME emulator, and it starts... Naomi logo comes up, choppy sound, fades away then Loading Game appears and that's it.

I downloaded DEMUL but can't get the game to load. In passing in another thread someone mentioned that I need to add "-run=naomi -rom=" to the command line, which I did but no change. DEMUL loads, but can't get the game to load. 

Been doing pretty good with MAME stuff so far, though still having as many issues as I have victories with getting games to run. Hoping to one-by-one get these sorted out... this is #1 on my list.

Anyone have any experience with DEMUL and/or Capcom vs Streetfighter II?

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Not at all... started to with MAME (not at home so can't recall which one I have installed)... when it starts it says NAOMI so, searched and I guess some sorta Sega thing? Was recommended to use DEMUL.

Tried through LB, and direct with Demul... no luck. Tried grabbing the file again in case corrupted, and tried a different version (USA vs JAP type deal) and in Demul I went to the BIOS list and switched through a few of them to try but I don't even get as far as the Naomi screen.

I really wish there was a standard way of making MAME files, some small nfo file in the ZIP that says what version it is and emulator intended for... hard to know if Demul or the file is at fault. When I get home I'll post again. Briefly something pops up but fast so I'll need to look at it a few times to get the verbiage.

I know we can't say where to get ROM files and such but where I go is a real paradise of files... but doesn't seem to list version info.

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Well... I have Demul installed. I saw a post about needing a BIOS, but not sure where to stick it... I think it comes pre-loaded, because when I go to Naomi Bios in the config menu, there are 17 of them listed.

Plugins and Roms path... well, Roms path I have entered though every time I go back in, it's blank and I have to click on it again in the drop down.

I have a path (default) to plugins though I've not added anything. Not sure what would need added.

Trying now... cannot find epr-21576g.bin in romset naomi.

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OK... found a very helpful LaunchBox tutorial from a few months ago for this that may have actually helped fix a few issues at once.

It was mentioned about using non-merged, vs split and merged... which I knew nothing about anyways, but was also mentioned about a dome of pleasure where they are found, so, thinking maybe half my issue is the source. Not knowing if split, merged, non-merged, which version, etc... so getting a whole new set, new source and will follow those videos and see if it works.

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So... got the non-merged set, around 125GB in size, then watched the video again and realized shoot, I need something called a CHD set... kinda confused why I need 2 sets, but clicked to get that set as well, and wowsa! around 455GB!!!

Plan was to use my old 250GB drive, but that went out the window. My PC has a 1TB secondary drive, and I have a 2TB external drive, backups are a pain trying to figure out what to copy, merge, overwrite, etc... so plan is to get a 2TB secondary drive and then backups will mirror external to match internal. Then use the 1TB for the arcade. Hoping that's enough.

My MAME Rom set before was much smaller and all zip files, but was copied from an img for the RaspPi so I suspect older games and fewer games... 

In any case, I'll need to swap drives before I can download the CHD set because not enough free space on my secondary drive at the moment.

Meanwhile... had a few questions.

1) The import wizard doesn't seem to have a sports filter. I'd like to wipe out all sports games like golf, bowling, baseball, hockey, etc... everything except wrestling. There's no easy way to do that, is there... I'll probably have to import everything and manually delete one-by-one, correct?

2) If I have a 125GB MAME rom set, what's the CHD set for? Seems odd if you need both that they aren't both in the same download.

3) If I have the 0.186 non-merged rom set, and the 0.186 chd merged set, do I need anything else?  I saw a 0.186 software list, which I though was a txt file or something listing all the games, until I saw it was 17GB so, not a txt file. There's also a 0.186 bios devices file, and a 0.186 extras... :S 

4) When time to import, if I'm importing MAME and point to the folder, will it know which files are Naomi and leave those behind? And vice versa, when I click to import Naomi, will it run through the folder and only bring in Naomi? or will I have to somehow figure out which are which and separate them manually?

Figured, while waiting for a new drive (sigh) I may as well get this stuff sorted out.

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So... the CHD set... is it a separate set of games?

When the video said to get them as well, I thought maybe it was a case of, if you want video game X to play, you need the rom for X and the matching chd for X... but it sounds like the chd set is something different than the rom set completely? to get the roms working you don't need the chds?

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Found a good (hopefully correct) article of what it is....


So... they are linked, you need the zip ROM and the matching CHD to make some games work.

So... I could look at the file list in the CHD download, and basically find the matching filename in the ROM set I already downloaded, and delete what matches, because it won't work without the CHD file anyway, correct?

Like... in that link above for example, if in the CHD set it shows CARNEVIL, I can go to the rom set and delete the CARNEVIL.ZIP file. Save some space. 

Or, if I use the import wizard and when I import, I tell it to copy files to a location (ie. ...roms\mame\) with "skip games unplayable in mame' checked, will it leave all those CHD dependant zip files behind?

Which also goes back to the whole importing of games, will it know mame from naomi?

I'm not sure if it's the best way to do things, but I'd rather not have a mame folder with all my arcade games in it, I'd rather have a mame folder for the games running on mame, and separate the roms that need other emulators like naomi/demul, into other folders. Can't recall the other platforms offhand, but I remember when searching for Naomi, there were 3 or 4 others mentioned.

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Well... drive space. If I can use my 250GB drive and save some money, I'd rather that.

Definitely saves space if not downloading 445GB worth of CHD's though. But if I can shave off another 25GB or something of games that won't play anyways, I will.

My plan is, once I get the arcade build done, and running, and no dead games.... I'm locking it down. No updates or anything. If it works I don't plan to ever mess with it. :D

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Why silly?

If pacman is working, why would I bother updating? 

If a new MAME gets released, I don't want to have to re-download 125GB worth of files, delete what I have, re-import and re-scrape everything and likely notice no change.... not like Pac-Man is gonna get any better. :D

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So... question 1, 3 and 4... any advice?

Only work half-day on Fridays, so, finally home and I wiped everything out, gonna start all over again installing LaunchBox and MAME and Demul... didn't download the CHD set, just the 0.186 rom set.

I know 1 file for sure is Naomi, so, will add it and a couple I know are MAME into a folder and test the import out, see if brings in Naomi or not.

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Finally.... getting some good luck getting stuff to work, finally played Marvel vs Capcom 2 with DEMUL, full screen no issues... except, when I was done I had no idea how to exit.

Mame, I can exit when I hit ESC... NES I think its select/start same time.

How do I assign a button to exit with? Right now I'm using a PS3 controller plugged in, I'd like to setup so that if I press both left/right axis buttons it exits the game and returns me to the LaunchBox window, but when I go into (for example) the MAME setup screen... I can't find anything for exiting. I looked through the list for anything saying ESC or Keyboard ESC, but didn't find anything.

If I want the left/right axis buttons pressed at the same time to exit a game... how do I do that?

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