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How To Move Launchbox Cache To SSD (Tutorial)

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13 minutes ago, Mr.Laor said:

I tried. Still takes up to 30 seconds to regain control after any edit. Funny thing is if I make an edit using the genre editor plug in, I regain control right away, even editing multiple files.

??? Then that tells me you are running a plugin that is causing issues?

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4 hours ago, sundogak said:


@Fredyyy Depends on what you are trying to achieve and where seeing performance choke point. I just wanted boost to scrolling performance and with the cache of images that fits the bill with how setup in the original post.  If you have tons of space on your SSD then that is easier then the symbolic link and you get overall program benefit of SSD performance.  Some quick testing on my setups though didn't indicate it was worth eating up SSD space (other than cache) and I preferred keeping my "game drive" completely independent of ? drive where possible (~20,000 game setup).  Plus, even with the emulators and ROMs on another drive your images and videos for LB are now on your SSD (not just the cache files). Those can grow be pretty big (~ 0.5 TB on my setup).  So my take is try it with the cache on SSD and see if that is suitable for needs. It is quicker/easier to setup and if change mind easy enough to remove the symbolic link and go with full SSD install. 

Thank you for the detailed response! I have only 500GB SSD and 1 TB of HDD. My total gaming set is around 800GB. I have windows 10 on the SSD and launchbox on the 1TB HDD. PC boot fast, but LB boot slow. I watched a youtube video of someone playing zelda wii u on an SSD and on a HDD. There was a noticeable difference. 

so my thought was to keep the majority of the roms on HDD. Move launchbox to SSD so hopefully LB can boot faster and also ONLY moving the power demanding roms like (Wii U, ps3, wii) to SSD.

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