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boat load of roms / games - no idea if I have full sets for some, software to help?


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I know some of my sets are complete...however some may or may not be...I google for lists and they rarely agree...some include non-English, some include hacks, etc..

What is the best ALL IN ONE emulation rom / database software to load a folder of games and get a strong idea of the percentage of completion of your collection...I used to use various rom database sofware, but they seem all out of date now...

Any tips about good software to use (with console, portable, arcade (less worried about),.would be appreciated, thanks!

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4 minutes ago, kmoney said:

Go with the No intro naming convention as it is the best overall and the most widely commonly used that most people match artwork and such as well. 

I have some of those... my Atari and older Nintendo stuff, but I may have more...is there a rom software that will scan my folder and let me know?

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32 minutes ago, pipes78 said:

No-intro all the way mate. they are usually named "gamename"(USA).rom 


Agreed...I have many of their sets, but also have renamed others to follow that naming convention (or loosely)...

What software can I use to scan a folder and organize them in bulk?

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Don's Tools don't work unless you have a Hyperspin install anyway. Someone was working on a conversion for LaunchBox, but the thread appears to be abandoned. 


What about for CD based systems? I love no-intro, but I've never seen anything comparable for say PSX, Dreamcast. etc. I know there's redump, but I don't think those lists are as complete?

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There are multiple programs you can use to check if you have a complete set. The problem is there are sometimes multiple "groups" of people that compile a list and what format/naming convention/ file format, they should be in. To start with the programs that will scan your files and audit them according to the "groups list"

Programs: clrmamepro,Romulus,Romcenter to name a few

Now that we have a program to scan our files we need a database. Please search, rom dat files. This should bring up all the "groups list" or database list of the "groups" that compile list's of "sets" and how they should be named, what file format they should be in, if there are hacks, bootlegs, copy's, xerox, etc. Keep in mind these, "groups of people" have different views on how the sets should be procured, how they should be named, how they should look like in the reflection of a mirror while under black light. So that last bit is silly but, people are silly. People have a bad habit of not coordinating with each other and working as a cohesive unit, but I digress. 

From here you should be able to start compiling a cohesive collection based off of the respective version the "groups" current revised database's. Hope this helps and it is not too obtuse. I do not want to attract the ire of the mods, or the rules set in place against piracy.

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12 minutes ago, JamesBond@ge said:

How is that boat of yours Cleverest? Has it docked at Donut Plains yet to unload those Roms?

Still on the sea. :-)  I know I have a lot of roms, just wish I had clear audit sheets I what I have and what I was missing still...hard to come up with consistent lists, they seem to be all over the place.

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