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Wrong Music - Super Mario World [SNES]


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I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place to report such a problem, but this appears to be the only forum section labeled for posting "issues". While this is admittedly a very minor issue, I figured it was worth reporting.

The "Super Mario World" [SNES] theme music that plays when highlighting that game is incorrect. I don't know what game's theme music it is playing, but it definitely isn't Super Mario World. I manually played the mp3 at "LaunchBox\Music\Super Nintendo Entertainment System\Super Mario World.mp3" and it is indeed the wrong music (so it is not an issue of LaunchBox simply playing the wrong mp3).

I'm not sure what database this music is downloaded from, so it is entirely possible LaunchBox has no control over fixing this problem. Being that I do not know who to contact to sort such a thing out, I figured I would post it here so that someone who is more knowledgeable could pass the message along to whoever is responsible for such things.

I was able to find the correct MP3 to replace the incorrect one with, but I assume there might be legality issues with attaching said file to this forum post. Instead, I will provide instructions for locating the MP3 from an outside source for anyone who is interested. The way I obtained the file was finding the Super Mario World title song on YouTube at the following URL:

I then used the following webpage to convert that YouTube url into a downloadable MP3:


Thanks for all the hard work on LaunchBox!

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13 minutes ago, Kriven said:

I don't think LaunchBox itself provides downloads for music themes. Are you using a legit version of the program?

Yes, I'm using a legit paid license. I figured that LaunchBox doesn't actually have anything to do with the music library, but I thought someone here might know who the music library was downloaded from. According to Neil, the music is from emumovies, so maybe I will try to report this problem to them. Honestly, it's not that big of a deal.. I just thought it was strange that the music for such a popular game, that literally everyone is going to have in their SNES rom collection, has the wrong music.

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2 minutes ago, Retro808 said:

I deleted the mp3 and downloaded it again. It does play a Super Mario World song it just starts weird with an almost Metroid like sound at 24-25 seconds you hear the transition into the SMW theme. So not completely a wrong song it just start off different. 

Yeah, I just downloaded it also. Its over 2 minutes long and takes a while to get going but it is Super Mario World music. Must be some sort of remix.

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Np. Ya, I actually use JDownloader 2 for downloading YouTube videos and/or a YouTube video's audio track. I suggested the onlinevideoconverter.com website only as an easy means of obtaining the track for anyone who doesn't have much experience with such things.

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