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Finally onto my WII U games. I have CEMU linked up and i have the proper RPX files for the games in their respective folders with the 4 sub folders "code/content/meta/system" That being said during the upload through launchbox wizard i am pointing to the "code" folder as it contains the RPX. Outside of launchbox i am able to start CEMU click on the RPX and load with no issues. When inside launchbox if i click on a specific game and try to play it launchbox will open CEMU properly but the game itself does not launch even though it is pointed at the specific RPX. Any ideas as to why the "link" seems to be broken between starting CEMU and the physical launch of the game?

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sorry guys just got back from a business trip. So basically when i am in bigbox and i click on a game it will start cemu but there is no way to have it physically load the specific game without my loading the specific image manually? i just want to make sure im understanding correctly. If thats the case im cool with it i just didnt know if i needed to do something different for it to load and begin playing the game like the other emulators do

Thanks again.

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The game should load directly like other emulators. There has to be a disconnect in your set up. 

I would suggest posting pics of an edit game screen showing the rom and then the emulators tab. As well as show pic of screen from associated platforms tab in manage emulators.  

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