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Ms-dos 3d covers


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5 hours ago, marcoooo said:

if i know how  i would be happy to do that 

Click on the "Games DB" button at the top. Create an account. Navigate to the relevant game, add the image to the appropriate category and submit the change request.

I agree with @damageinc86 - I don't think they should have a Windows logo... they're DOS games.

It looks like you're using some older source for images based on the ones you posted above - they all have a Mobygames watermark. Mobygames stopped watermarking their images a while back. If you look up License to Kill on Mobygames, the same image is there with no watermark. Same for the others.


5 hours ago, harryoke said:

@marcoooo just zip them up , go to download section , click submit a file / game covers and job done.

Except for the fact that that doesn't actually help anybody that's just downloading media/metadata for games in their library. The entire point of the DB is so that people don't have to manually download and rename a bunch of files to match their library.

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The problem isn't about Microsoft - the problem is that it's the Windows logo (the modern one, no less), which doesn't make much sense in combination with DOS games. The whole point is that they're pre-Windows. It would be like if you put a big Blu Ray logo on a DVD. You can play a DVD in a blu ray player, but that doesn't make it a blu ray. DOS games could be played natively in Windows 95 (which ran on top of DOS), but they're not Windows games - they're DOS games. If you put a PSX disc in a PS2, it'll play, but it's still a PSX game, not a PS2 game. They're separate things. Some DOS games had a separate Windows version, but a lot of stuff - especially the early stuff - wouldn't have anything for Windows on the box. If anything, they might say they're Windows 95 compatible in the hardware requirements once you get into the mid 90s+

It's not the end of the world, just odd.

As I said, if you want to share them - and I'd encourage you to do so - you can add them to our Games DB. You could also upload them here in the forums/downloads section if you want people to help you upload them to the DB, but the DB is where they should ultimately go.

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I don't know how else I can explain it other than to tell you that you will not see that logo on the actual boxes for those games. I own a large collection of physical big box DOS games if you'd like me to take some actual photos of them. You won't find it on them, I promise. MS-DOS is Microsoft's variant of DOS, yes. I'm not sure what that has to do with anything though. The boxes wouldn't have the logo. Microsoft has used that logo as early as 1995, in association with the launch of Windows 95. It hasn't been an actual part of the Microsoft logo itself until 2012. DOS/MS-DOS (and, by proxy, DOS games) was around well before 1995, going back to the 80s. And even the DOS games from 1995+ that specifically mention being 95 compatible would generally only do so as a little bit of text in the hardware requirements section. Using the logo is an anachronism, I don't know how else I can say it.

It's not the end of the world it just doesn't make a whole lot of sense to be there.

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Yeah sorry for noticing that, but DOS games never had a WINDOWS logo on them. Let alone the modern one. Some in the mid 90s might have a logo for windows 95 since it might be compatible with that OS, but they would still have been ran in actual dos. Then when the game was exited, you'd usually have to go back to C:\windows and then type "win" to get back to Windows if I remember correctly.    Surely you can post and share what you like, I just don't foresee anyone who knows better to find them useful if There is such a contradiction right on the box.  

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