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Will I be able to control launchbox/bigbox using a Pandora's Box arcade controller?


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15 minutes ago, Lordmonkus said:

It's not a controller, it's an all in one pirate arcade board in a box with its own controller.

Sorry for not specifying, I know that it has crappy software on it. All I care about is the joystick. I can't find anything like it that acts as a standalone joystick.

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Also while all the recroommasters stuff is great build quality almost 500 just for the control panel is a hefty price and simply to much for most people to budget for an arcade build. I'd have to price all the buttons, sticks, spinner and trackball to see how much it would be to build your own. probably with all of that it isn't that marked up.

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I did get one of these - the "pandora's box 6" model. It's not a terrible product but there's some problems I had with it that just made it not workable for me:

1. DInput only, no XInput. Depending on your situation, it might not be a big deal. For me, it added complexity for setting things up.

2. Up and Left would not work in Linux environments without having to recompile the kernel to apply "XinMo" patches that you'll see out in the wild. This was just a pain in the ass.

3. No way to change to dpad mode. It was analog all the time. Wouldn't be a big deal, however, I do use some PC games that just would not flipping play with that (Tekken 7 is one of them) NO MATTER WHAT.


To answer your question though, ultimately you can use this to control BigBox mode. It worked for me.

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wanted to actually answer the question
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Hi, I am in need of assistance. I have 2 pandoras boxes and I just finished downloading an 8tb Launchbox build. I upgraded to big box...I got one of my pandora boxes working in the menus but have not figured out how to map it to be recognized in game. Can anyone lead me to a video tutorial to get the pandora boxes working without a hitch. Would love to be able to play the 4 player games with my friends using both controllers. I have this crazy archive and no ideal way to play it from the system. My old xbox 360 controller is automatically recognizable but pandora's box is giving me issue. I'm wondering if I have to use joy to key with it or something but if so which letter do I assign the controllers to so that they work for every game. I can't even find the menu for mapping the buttons a, b, c, or x, o, triangle etc. As I said I'm completely new to lanch box and I'm hoping there is an easy fix. I'm also getting strange pages of io error massages as I scroll down lists on the menus.  I know this thread is pretty old, but I hope someone can help. 

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