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With my No Filler Mame batch file done I figured I would do some console ones, I won't be doing every console though. I will only use the No-Intro sets as a base since those have standardized names. I will also only be doing cart based systems and nothing too obscure and weird, no way am I gonna sit and play through a whole pile of MSX games testing them to see what is good and what isn't.

The systems I have planned right now will be:

  • Sega Genesis (Release v1.01)
  • Sega Master System (Release v1)
  • Sega SG-1000 (Release v1)
  • NES (Release v1)
  • SNES (Release v1.02)
  • SFC Japan Region (Release v1)
  • N64 (Release v1.01)
  • TurboGrafx 16 / PC Engine (Release v1.01)
  • Atari 2600 (Release v1)

Genesis roms list and batch file, it will copy out 139 game roms.
_NoFiller Sega Genesis.txt
_NoFiller Sega Genesis.bat

Nintendo 64 roms list and batch file, it will copy out 85 game roms from the No-Intro set. 
_NoFiller N64.txt
_NoFiller N64.bat

Sega Master System roms list and batch file, it will copy out 69 game  roms from the No-intro set.

Sega SG-100 roms list and batch file, it will copy out 28 game roms from the No-Intro set.

PC Engine roms list and batch file, it will copy out 71 game roms from the No-Intro set. It only covers PC Engine games, no SuperGrafx as they are not part of the No-Intro set.
_NoFiller PCEngine.txt
_NoFiller PCEngine.bat

Atari 2600 roms list and batch file, it will copy out 77 game roms from the No-Intro set.
_NoFiller Atari 2600.txt

NES roms list and batch file, it will copy out 181 game roms from the No-Intro set.
_NoFiller NES.txt
_NoFiller NES.bat

SNES roms list and batch file, it will copy out 208 game roms from the No-Intro set. It contains both English and Japanese region roms. The only Japanese region roms copied out will be ones playable relatively easily without being able to read Japanese, this means no RPGs or anything like that.
_NoFiller SNES.txt
_NoFiller SNES.bat

SFC Japan regions roms list and batch file, it will copy out 46 game roms from the No-Intro set. These are games that will require an English translation patch to play and one does exist for each of these games. There are some duplicate game roms in this one but they are different revision because I do not know which revision the translation patch will require.
_NoFiller SFC - Trans.txt
_NoFiller SFC - Trans.bat 


These are all of the batch files I plan on doing for now. This is version 1 of the release except for the N64 one which saw a minor update while I was working on this so that is v1.01. If anyone has some suggestions for games to be added to these or even removed if you feel they don't belong please feel free to submit any comments and I will take them under consideration.

To use these batch files you will have to download the official No-Filler rom set from the internet, you will then have to extract the set into a folder. From there you will simply just copy the appropriate batch file for the system set into the same folder with all the rom files and double click the batch file to run it. It will create a folder in that same folder with your roms and then proceed to copy all the rom files into that newly created folder. You can then copy that new folder of roms to anywhere you like on your system, this will be your new, No Filler romset without any of the extra junk. You can use this set as your base to build from or reduce as you see fit to meet your personal needs. You can either delete the full No-Intro rom set you downloaded or keep them as a backup elsewhere in case you  learn of a new game you wish to add.

It does not matter if you extract the individual rom zip files or not, these batch files will handle individually zipped or extracted roms.

Reason for this:
Not everyone wants to have a complete set of roms imported into Launchbox, a complete No-Intro Super Nintendo set is nearly 3500 different rom files. It is also much easier to download a complete No-Intro rom set than to go about finding and downloading a personalized set of good known working roms. On top of all that the No-Intro sets are known to be the best working roms on the internet, they are properly named for scraping and the vast majority of rom patches are made to be used on a clean No-Intro version of the rom.

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Sega Master System roms list and batch file added though I am considering this one sort of a beta release for now. I would like some input on this list since the Master System is not one that I have a whole lot of experience with. I may have missed some really good games while at the same time I may have some games that aren't very good and should not be in the list.

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Added SG-1000, not many games in this one and most of the games for the system don't really hold up by todays standards so I tried to pick ones that are still somewhat fun for a short while anyways. On the plus side they won't take up much drive space, only 880KB, lol.

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Changed up the batch files a little. I changed the file extension part of the rom name to a .* so now any file type will copy out.

Example: Streets of Rage 2 (USA).md got changed to: Streets of Rage 2 (USA).*

When I made these from my roms I was using the actual rom file extension but then I remembered some people like to keep their roms zipped and my batch files would miss those.

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I am starting work on the NES and SNES ones next and these will be the ones that take the most time since their libraries are so big. If anyone has any suggestions for these 2 systems that are not the normal run of the mill top 10 or even top 50 list type games feel free to make suggestions and I will check them out and decide whether or not I will add them.

This won't be a long running process, I should have both of these done within a few days. I am starting right now as of writing this with the NES set and then the SNES, batch files should be up on the weekend some time.

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Here are the Beta lists of the NES and SNES games I have so far. The lists include both English and Japanese region games though the Japanese games included are ones that can be played without any knowledge of the language. This means that RPGs like Final Fantasy 5 and the Dragon Quests series are not included. I am debating a separate batch file for some Japanese games so people can get the patch and patch the rom themselves. But this can be tricky since there are different revisions for some of these games and I don't know what revision the patches require. I suppose I could just have it copy all the revisions out and the end user can then just use the one the patch needs.



_NoFiller SNES Roms List (Beta).txt

_NoFiller SFC - Requires Translation .txt

_NES NoFiller Roms List (Beta).txt

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