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How Long To Beat - Game Length Plugin

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Plugin that scrapes information from HowLongToBeat.com and adds custom fields with game lengths information.

I made this plugin to add length information for certain games, mostly rpgs. This adds 3 custom fields for Main Story, Main + Extra and Completionist length. You can configure which ones you want to add by editing the file HLTBPlugin.xml.

Because there's no oficial API from HLTB, I had to parse the HTML, which means that as soon as they change something on the HTML this plugin probably will stop working...


Extract files (dll + xml) to : Launchbox/Plugins/HLTBPlugin.

Config (HLTBPlugin.xml)

  • MainStoryLength: Enable/disable main story length update. Default: true.
  • MainExtraLength: Enable/disable main story + extra length update. Default: true.
  • CompletionistLength: Enable/disable completionist length update. Default: true.
  • MainStoryFieldName: Change main story length custom field name. Default: Main Story Length
  • MainExtraFieldName: Change main story + extra length custom field name. Default: Main + Extra Length
  • CompletionistFieldName: Change completionist length custom field name. Default: Completionist Length

Note: If you change the fields names it will not update the games that already have information, so you will end up with duplicated fields with different names and you will have to manually delete them (edit game -> custom fields tab). So config the first time and stick with that.


Access the option by right-click a game (only one game, no massive update yet). A window will popup with all the games found and you can choose which one correspond to your game. If there's no results you can manually change the search words (e.g. Metal Gear Ac!d will get no results but you can then change the search to Metal Gear Acid).

You can use the "Arrange By" option to order the games by length. Lengths are shown with leading zeroes because is the only way to properly order the games since custom fields are strings and not integers.

Tested on version 8.9. I think you need a premium license because custom fields are not supported in free license (not sure).


I have no relation with HowLongToBeat.com, if you like their work please go and support them.


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This is way cool and almost seems like it can be something that should be included in LB by default! The only thing that is really need to make it useful is some kind of batch updating. It is really pointless only updating one game at a time when you have a collection of 1000s. Once you are able to update tons of games in one go this plugin would be probably the most useful plugin available!

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@Jason Carr anything that could be done to allow for numeric custom fields? This plugin is great, and would be even better if I could then create a Playlist like 'Games that can be finished in under 5 hours', or 'RPGs that take over 100 hours to complete'

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This is dope. This definitely should be an option in Launchbox by default!

If possible I'd love to run this as a batch on all a platform's games. It's by far one of the best plugins I've seen.

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