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Pinball fx setup


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26 minutes ago, knightCrawler said:

Ok.. I received the code but do not know where to enter it.

Inside Pinball FX directly. There will be a section for "Cabinet Support" to enter the code. In Pinball FX3 it looks like an image of a Pinball Cabinet in the top screen menu items. In PBFX2 look for the cabinet on the bottom of the screen. 

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Likewise with what @neil9000 posted. 

With cabinet support built into PBFX2 and PBFX3 you should not need a command line. That was the purpose behind what Zen Studios built into the cabinet support mode. FRom reading though there was on older version of Pinball FX2 that some had to use a command line with so that may be the difference. 

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4 minutes ago, knightCrawler said:

Thanks Guys!!! I had to use the old way and it loaded direct to table now to scrape artwork images and videos what is the settings on LB I did not find anything on the list of "Scrape as" or do I have to do manually?

We dont scrape pinball fx as its really just a single PC game, not a platform. There are boxes and videos in the download section of the forums though.

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