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18 minutes ago, DeadVoivod said:

I always used pcsx_rearmed so far, is the mednafen one better? 

Anyways I cannot find the mednafen_psx core within RetroArch via the online updater? 

Or still better to use standalone ePSXe? 

Rearmed is actually a mobile port (hence the ARM part of the name) ported back to windows. So it was originally designed for low power devices like phones/tablets/rasberry pi and therefore uses some hacks and speedups to get good performance on those low powered devices. It also has lower compatability than other cores/emulators. If you are using a low powered device then sure use it, but if you have a semi decent PC there are far better alternatives to use.

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I recommend trying to use the Bettle PSX HW vs just the Beetle PSX core if you can (unless you're going for a more authentic experience and not upscaling, etc.).  The HW version of the core adds features such as PGXP Operation Mode, PGXP Vertex Cache and PGXP Perspective Correct Texturing that you can play with to make some major improvements with how the image looks (things line up better, less texture popping, etc.). 

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Anyone have any setting recommendations for Beetle PSX HW? I know it depends on hardware ect, but like mostly changes that upscale it to look better overall from original without out going silly, that would allow most games to play fine on a mid range PC.

I have played around with settings a bit but still trying to find that happy medium so to speak.

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It really depends on what your system can handle.  Unfortunately, PS emulation can be demanding when it comes to upscaling etc.  I have a decent system and I have no issues with the below settings for the Beetle PSX HW core (I believe these are the only settings I changed in the core options):

Renderer - Hardware (will only work with Vulkan or OpenGL video drivers - if your card cannot do these it will fall back to Software rendering, in which case upscaling is likely not going to work well, if at all))
Internal GPU resolution - 8x
Internal Color Dept - 32bpp
PGXP Operation Mode - Memory Only
PGXP Vertex Cache - Off
PGXP Perspective Correct Texturing - On

The Libretro docs page has good information on the different settings and what they do.  Worth a read if you're looking into tweaking the core options, etc. - https://docs.libretro.com/library/beetle_psx_hw/


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