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Lambda beta

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Lambda beta

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This theme attempt to be minimal and modern and maximise screen estate.

Note: this is a beta release and features may change in future releases.


  • Unzip into LaunchBox\LBThemes directory
  • In LaunchBox go to: Options -> Visuals -> Theme: Lambda beta

Windows 7/8 user: Microsoft's “Segoe MDL2 Assets” font ( SegMDL2.ttf ) is required for the buttons and icons to rendered properly. (If you have it it will work but it’s not included here because of licensing reasons.)

Settings guide


  • You may have to tweak your Boxes aspect ratio and spacing. 
  • The top Details image is only visible when Fanart is available.
  • Button bar can't be hidden because of the licensing info.
  • Font and colour settings have no effect (font is based on system font).

Settings used in screenshots are:

Options -> Visuals -> Boxes -> Spacing:

Aspect Ratio: 0.6 * 
Horizontal Spacing: 2
Vertical Spacing: 2
Horizontal Padding: 8
Vertical Padding: 2
Text Spacing: 4
Text Lines to Show: 2

*) For horizontal box art you may need to use a higher value.

Options -> Visuals -> Boxes:

Align Text Vertically : enabled
Align Text Horizontally : enabled
Show Subline : enabled (for platform info)

Other recommended settings:

Options -> Legacy -> General -> Game Details:

Show Fanart: enabled
other options at your own preference

Options -> Legacy -> Images -> Background Priorities :

Fanart : enabled
other options disabled

Options -> Visuals -> Backgrounds:

Background Blur Amount : 100
Background Fade Amount : 0

(Imo. the theme looks best when blurred background Fanart and Details Fanart are the same image.)

Settings that don't have any effect:

  • Button bar can't be hidden because the license has to stay visible.
  • Colours are hard coded.
  • Font (including size and scaling) is based on your Windows system settings.


Thanks to Grila for allowing me to use his LBPlex theme code, Retro808, neil9000, C-Beats and Jason Carr for testing and everyone who supported this release on the forum.

Lambda beta theme CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Shadowfire 2020


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