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10 hours ago, OdinsPlayground said:

Sega Lindbergh. #e8bb42

It's strange, but I can't seem to get the color code to apply for the newly added platform after modifying both the themer.dll and the colors.dll as usual. All of the syntax seems to line up with everything else. 

1. Created the new platform in Launchbox

2. Added the theme video to my theme videos folder (Colorful Light) with the platform name

3. Updated the themer.dll, and the colors.dll

4. Copy/paste .dll files to all 3 versions of Colorful theme just in case

Anyone else test this out yet? 

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Updated first page post with a last final step in video creation process :

# IN DETAIL, FFMPEG ?  (new)
( Thx to @faeran for letting me know about this problem and this solution! )

To make video previews work properly in "Launchbox's Video Download tool", we need to add this step with an FFMPEG script.
It is not an encoding or rendering task. Just a metadata correction of the files. It's super fast and to do BEFORE uploading to the community.

  1. Download Avidmux software here.
  2. Download this script Streamable_MP4.py
  3. Open this script with a text editor and change le inputfolder path (where are your raw video) and adm.save path (where your corrected video where save)
  4. Open AvidMux, go to File > Project Script > Run Project  and open your script.py
  5. Done !


EDIT : DON'T DO THIS ! See post below

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Ok, I have a little issue here... :$

Originally, I badly encoded my videos. It worked, but the streaming was broken, which prevented previewing videos from Launchbox's Theme Video Download Tool.
To fix this issue, Faeran did a huge job fixing my old videos. I took care of the last ones. (See post above)
Except that I screw at some point = all the videos are cut at 60 seconds!!! :S Damn !

So, DON'T USE AVIDEMUX ANY MORE for this video set !

I found a solution, directly in VIDCODER.
So it doesn't add a new step. Just check these 2 options in each encoding profile.
I will update the 1st post with the corrected VidCoder presets.


So I had to re-encode ALLLLLLL the videos. And upload them again!
It's now done.
So if you find the videos cut at 60sec for no reason, please download them again.
Sorry for the inconvenience !

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How have ya been ? Post Lockdown workspace pressure consuming your time ? on this side of the ocean it does, managers think that by ordering everyone back to the office they can somehow work away the supposed slack of the past 2 and half years, combine that with budget constraints and reorganization of the IT department and well.. it's a blast. 

anyway I've just strapped this together, I thought it be nice.. 

what do you think ? 

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Oh gosh, what an idiot I am! I hadn't even seen your reply here. I had the notifications off for this topic ...
So, thanks for all your help and resources! You'll see in my next batch of videos, I've redone some of them because I hadn't seen your files.

So sorry! :ph34r:

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