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How do I launch cartridges in MAME?


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Just to add on to Retro808s response, to find out what the correct parameters to use in MAME are, either look in the hash directory for that romset xml or (this is what I use) go to progettoemma.net. From there just search for anything and then expand media switches. It will give you the romset name and the parameter to put into LaunchBox.

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To run a Watara SuperVision, you need the gamename.zip file for the game and, of course, a MAME machine set. There a 5 machine sets to choose from.

mame.exe svision -cart1 gamename

svision is the machine name.

-cart1 is safer than just "-cart", and it works for all machines, even if there is only one cartridge slot.

If you open mamedir\hash\svision.xml, look for a supported="no" entry. All games with this tag are not yet supported by MAME, even if listed in the .xml file.

Same rules apply to game.com (hash\gamecom.xml).

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7 hours ago, DerSchlachter said:

What could be the reason?

(I think this is how it works)  If you select MAME as your emulator, it'll look for MAME Arcade machines.  Watara Supervision is a Software List System.  So by default it [MAME] won't 'find it'.  

Since your roms appear to be unzipped and have proper game Titles... assuming you plan to use MAME as your emulator... when importing, select an emulator other than MAME (probably any other emulator).  They should then all show up.  Be sure "Force Using MAME metadata" is un-checked (again, it only looks for Arcade machines).  Once all imported, select all games in that platform, right click 1 of them and click Edit.  Select the "Field" for Emulator and set the "Value" to MAME.

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Sorry for double Post, now everything works like a charm, for those who come up via google, my Emulator Settings for Watara Supervision TV Edition and Handheld Edition (2 Platforms) . I imported the roms twice (force duplicate import). Maybe it would help


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