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MAME Software Lists Import Tool - plugin 1.31.1

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About This File

Use this plugin to filter and import MAME Software Lists into LaunchBox.

- Choose to import clones as Additional Apps, separately or not at all
- Skip Prototypes (filter option)
- Skip Non Supported games (filter option)
- Import the selected (filtered) Console/Computer games into LaunchBox
- Adds the appropriate command to each imported games' Command Line (ex. a2600 -cart)
- Copy the filtered selection of roms to a separate folder (optional)
    (After copying files, they will automatically be imported)

What's needed:
- (2) dll files included in the zip file
- MAME Software List hash files (located in the "hash" sub folder of your Mame's main folder)
- MAME Software List roms* and BIOS files (only if you want to actually play them)
    *The rom set needs to be either a Split set or a Non-Merged set for a full import
     - If you plan to not import clones, any type set will work.

What it won't do:
- Filter/Sort by Region (it's a MAME hash file limitation)
- Determine if/what BIOS files are needed
- Import Metadata and Media (just use LaunchBoxs' built-in Tool)

How to:
- Copy the "ImportMameSoftwareLists" folder from the zip file to your ..\LaunchBox\Plugins folder.
- Navigate to that folder and unblock the 2 dll files.  (Right click, Properties, and click Unblock)

*New in v1.31
- Start LaunchBox. Click on "Tools" and select "Import MAME Software Lists".1723405112_ToolsMenu.jpg.dbfef5293d63859660999a083c73f7b6.jpg
- The "Destination Folder" is required even if you don't plan to copy the files.  It's needed to set up the Application Folder for the games when Importing.


See what's new in Change Log.


* MESS xml *

To see MAME's Overall and Emulation status [Preliminary/Good/Imperfect]in the Import Mame Software Lists plugin, you will need to have the MESS xml file that matches your version of MAME.    messxxx.xml (where 'xxx' is the MAME version.  i.e. mess215.xml) 

image.png.354c8734786e6908b1b976b058e16ba0.pngThis file needs to be located in the same folder as the plugin (..\LaunchBox\Plugins\ImportMameSoftwareLists\) and can be download from: http://www.progettosnaps.net/mess/ 

These files are [relatively] large (24MB+) and will slow down the screen updates when selecting different consoles/computers.  

Use "Shrink_MESSxml.exe" to reduce the mess xml file size to a little over 1MB to eliminate slow screen updates.  After 1st making a backup, it then removes unneeded data from the xml file.  Place only the one 'shrunken' xml file in the plugin folder.  ..\LaunchBox\Plugins\ImportMameSoftwareLists\mess215.xml  (a 'shrunken' mess215.xml is included with v1.30)

image.png.c2144eb50f6677c1fa3b40d15ef8b609.pngThe Import Mame Software Lists plugin will search for "mess*.xml".  So as you update, just replace the old xml file (mess215.xml) with the new one (mess216.xml).


v1.31 includes mess218.xml (shrunken, of course)

Other Notes: (things I've learned)

- Software List folder/file locations: 



For easiest integration with MAME, place all Software List folders inside a single directory (i.e. "software") and name them the same name as their respective hash xml file_name.  For example:


Now, all you need to add to mame.ini in "rompath" is "software".  You don't need to worry about any of the Software List sub-folders.

homepath        .
rompath         roms;software

Assuming you still have both boxes checked ("Don't use quotes..." and "Use File name only..." in the MAME emulator settings, you'll be able to lauch these without problems*.




- *Associated Platform Command line parameters



The command lines that get placed in MAME - Associated Platforms come from hash files. However there are a few that will need to be manually edited. A couple I'm aware of are:

Apple 2GS: needs to be changed from "apple2gs -flop1" to "apple2gs -flop3"
Sony PlayStation: (though doens't work in MAME) needs to be changed from "psx -cdrm" to "psu -cdrm" (See MAME and CDROMS)
SNK NeoGeo CD: For some reason I can only get it work if the command line (neocdz -cdrm) is placed under each games "Emulation" tab in "Use Custom Command-LineParameter".

image.png.dc29fa5ec1852206b6da32f24963f4fe.png  This plugin can help put that in there for you.  If someone knows how to get it to work otherwise, please let me know so I don't have to look like I'm pimping my other plugins. :) 





MAME will run (when supported) CDROMS by simply pointing the application path to the game's folder rom_name.  You do not need to point to the chd file to run it.  (Note: the plugin will have it point to the folder_name.zip, but with the checkbox "Use file name only..." checked, it takes off".zip".

If you wish to import CDROM games into LaunchBox for use with a different emulator, you will need to have the application path point to the games actual file_name.chd.

New Feature: When the plugin sees that the media type is CDROM, you'll be given the option to import the roms for "use with an emulator other than MAME" (Choose "Yes").  If you'll only be using them with MAME, choose "No".




What's New in Version 1.20.1b   See changelog


* If the Software List Console to be imported uses chd files, (denoted by the command line using -cdrom) the Import Tool will set the games' application path as follows: (example)

D:\LaunchBox\Games\SoftwareList\Sony PlayStation\007twine\007 - The World Is Not Enough (USA).chd

  - When selecting the games' destination folder ("Select where to copy your roms to"), select:

D:\LaunchBox\Games\SoftwareList\Sony PlayStation

  - The plugin will add the corresponding \rom_folder\full_game_name.chd

The "Copy and Import selected roms/games into LaunchBox" DOES NOT WORK for these type files.  Yet.  But "Import Only..." DOES.  

Note: for the above example, you will need to edit the MAME emulator, Associated Platforms command line.  Change it to...  

psu -cdrom



* Fixed 'Copy and Import' and 'Import' when creating a new Platform.  (For real this time)
* Added refresh LaunchBox after plugin closes to show newly created Platform.  Shouldn't need to press F5 after exiting plugin.



* Added rom file compression format option (.zip [Default], .7z) [used for copying and command lines only]
* Changed Command-Line to remove "_xxxx".  i.e. "spectrum_cass" becomes "scpetrum" (required for MAME command line)
* Added 'add platform to emulator' as Associated Platform
  - Moved Command-Line from game "Custom Command-Line" to Emulator: Associated-Platform, Custom Command-Line
* Fixed 'Copy and Import' (would sometimes copy then not import)

- Software Lists consoles use the default command-line:  console_name -media_switch ["path_to\gamename.zip"]
i.e. a2600 -cart     (This is automatically added when importing games)
LaunchBox adds ["path_to\gamename.zip"]

- Unlike with Arcade machines, mame.ini does NOT need to have Software List rom folders added to "rompath".
(The exception is any necessary bios files which are not included in the Copy process)
This assumes the MAME emulator does NOT have "Don't use quotes" and "Use filename only" checked. (Both boxes unchecked)

Add driver status ("good", "imperfect", "preliminary") for console listings

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