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  1. Oh, ok, nice! Looking forward to seeing that (though not sure it can beat the simple perfection of Nostalgia for me)
  2. These are amazing! Can't imagine anything else even in the future! All the more does it hurt (not meant as a complaint, though) when there's one system inbetween all the others which doesn't have its own video >_< It's unbelievable how many systems are here already, but the one missing for me is the Casio PV-2000 (the PV-1000 is there, but it's a different console with other games... it also completely failed but I have a heart for those crazy rare systems). Not sure if you're still making these videos but if you could add that one, that would be fantastic. One other thing: Does anyone else have issues with the Nintendo Switch video? It plays normally when opening the video file but for whatever reason it won't play in BigBox for me. I triple-checked the names and all, but everthing seems to be in order...
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