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  1. Oh, well, I am looking forward to all those COLORFUL videos However, I think some of the ones I've got might have later been made by other people (I know this because some of them look rather shitty *lol*). While those are not as good, I'm glad to have them because it's even worse to have no video for a system or one that has a completely different style.
  2. Heya Viking, great job as always! Very slick-looking and I love the transitions. I do have two personal issues with the theme, though (doesn't mean it needs to change, of course!) Firstly, it works great with the COLORFUL videos. However, I have tons of systems (some of them quite obscure) and for most of them I've got a NOSTALGIA video (and I guess you won't make COLORFUL videos for that many systems). The problem is that the Nostalgia videos don't work very well with this theme, they get pushed to the right and half of the system is out of the screen. Secondly, but that's really just personal preference, the game box art is covering up too much of the video screen. But to be honest, I don't have a better suggestion right now where else to put it... Either way, great work and keep it up!
  3. Yeah, I'm seeing your stuff everywhere... even in my LaunchBox setup. You're like cancer, dude 😜
  4. Great work! If you're not tired, yet, some important systems with a lot of missing box art are the Commodore systems, most importantly Commodore 64 and Commodore Amiga, maybe also Commodore PET, Commodore VIC-20, and Commodore plus 4.
  5. Realism for some surely. I might have been a filthy child but I always kept my gaming equipment nice and clean
  6. Heya Mr. RetroLust, I'm already using your great Neon Deluxe theme for LB and now I, after deciding that bezels were kinda cool but mostly just too distracting for me to actually use when playing, I find these great bezels of yours. Awesome work! However, is it possible that there's greasy fingerprints or something on the screen? I almost got the aggressive stuff out to clean my screen I guess it's not possible to get the bezels without the stuff on the screen?
  7. These are great, thanks a lot! Unfortunately, most systems for which box art is actually hard to find, are the computer systems (you already got the TRS-80 CoCo). I would especially love to see the Amstrad CPC. Then, of course, there are systems for which there pretty much no art at all, like the Spectravideo, the EACA EG2000 Colour Genie, the Exidy Sorcerer, etc. but those are too many and too niche...
  8. @proghodet How do you make your own videos? What's the fastest/easiest way (and program)?
  9. This looks great! Been a fan of the Nostalgia vids and thought I'd never switch... well, I might just change my mind on that
  10. Oh, ok, nice! Looking forward to seeing that (though not sure it can beat the simple perfection of Nostalgia for me)
  11. These are amazing! Can't imagine anything else even in the future! All the more does it hurt (not meant as a complaint, though) when there's one system inbetween all the others which doesn't have its own video >_< It's unbelievable how many systems are here already, but the one missing for me is the Casio PV-2000 (the PV-1000 is there, but it's a different console with other games... it also completely failed but I have a heart for those crazy rare systems). Not sure if you're still making these videos but if you could add that one, that would be fantastic. One other thing: Does anyone else have issues with the Nintendo Switch video? It plays normally when opening the video file but for whatever reason it won't play in BigBox for me. I triple-checked the names and all, but everthing seems to be in order...
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