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  1. Actualization! After I re-installed windows and installed LB / BB completely clean, I still had the same problem, so I decided to buy the paid version of kapersky and examine my roms, in case they were corrupt or damaged. As a result, kapersky did not give me any virus messages, but when I launched LB it showed me several permission messages that I accepted, including some registers in REGEDIT, after giving yes to everything. now everything works without problems !! I dont know exactly why but it seems to be that launchbox cannot make right permission in some versions of windo
  2. It was an attempt to make the command run the rom, but it was unsuccessful, I tried other commands. As I mentioned in the post also leaving it as is as LB configures it, but it did not work
  3. Hi Guys I´ve been going throught a crazy spot, first my LB and BB was just fine 1 or 2 months ago,but since the last update every time i run a game in LB or BB the screen of loading appears and later it only shows me the main screen of the emulator, the game are not running, it happens with MAME, retroarch and pcsx2, but with rpcs3, cemu, dolphin or PPSSPP everything is just fine. I tried run the game only with the emulator an everything is ok, only when i launched with BB or LB i have this issue. I tried changing rom paths, erase and add every single one emulator, re installing them, eve
    Thanks for the amazing work!! Pd: now i can enjoy all my games with a proper and beauty banner (Y)
    An Amazing Job!! I have question..... could be possible that we no need to make custom banner´s for this?... i explain myself, you could make the theme recognize the front box and clear logos we have in our launchbox, instead of pre renderized images??. it would be awesome too. Regards....
    It´s a really good, simple and fast theme, congrats... i have a question, when i choose the resolution to 1920x1080 it runs very well, but when i put this theme on the launchbox in the laptop (1280x720) there are so many letters, fonts or animations that i cannot see, you know what whould happen here?
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