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  1. Delete the files in that cache folder and it should be fixed. Just give it a few minutes for everything to repopulate, especially if you have a rather large library.
  2. Looks like the issue went away permanently. The clear logos now take seconds to populate after the initial 20 or so immediately display. I've opened Big Box multiple times now to test. Probably some cache corruption that was rectified by removing the old files.
  3. They eventually did populate, after I deleted all of the clear logos out of that cache folder. I sent the logs to you anyway, as there is something else going on in them. Let me know what you find. Thanks!
  4. I deleted all of the files in that folder and the issue is the same. It populates the first 20 or 21 logos but when I scroll through my list the rest of the logos do not appear.
  5. Yes I specifically used the option to fully populate the clear logo cache. Some show up, but others do not.
  6. I am having the same issue.
  7. Quick question - are the links on the first post updated with the latest bezels?
  8. Interesting, never used BTRFS. Looks really promising. Here's a good article on it: https://www.unixmen.com/review-ext4-vs-btrfs-vs-xfs.
  9. Make sure to format your partitions as EXT4, as you'll get much better speed than NTFS or FAT32. Turn off encryption for SMB in the NAS as well. If you do those things you shouldn't have too many issues.
  10. What I did was get an old arcade cabinet that was no working and gutted it. I got it for free. There are many out there that you can do that with. You'd get a much higher quality cabinet that way as well. I then built a new control panel out of wood and retrofitted it in place of the old control panel. Looks great, especially with custom artwork applied.
  11. Yes, this issue is happening to me as well. I was just going to post about it! This issue occurs when I have sound files named per game in the Launchbox\Music\Arcade folder and have the Prioritize Soundtrack Music checkbox checked in Sounds settings. Sound from the videos will not play at all if there is no corresponding file for the particular game in the folder mentioned above. I'd like the video sound to play but only if there is no corresponding sound file for that particular game.
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