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  1. Wow thanks for the effort doing all that. Your picture is exactly what i'm after, Ill give a try tomorrow and let you know how i get on 🙂
  2. That worked perfecly thanks So i added the Atari Jaguar, Microsoft Xbox 360, Microsoft Xbox, Sony Playstation ect .mp4s to the videos\platforms folder and when hovering on say Sony Playstation it still dims and shows a random game with the rating. I want it not to dim and still show the Playstation logo with the TV playing a generic Playstation video. Where about do i put this in the TextGamesViews.xaml file? Ive tried a few places and get errors every time? Also is this in the wheels view? I would like all the clear logos beside it to scroll through the games. Sorry for messing about.
  3. Thank you mate ill give it a go. I appreciate you spending your time doing this 👍
  4. Hi buddy, where is this i can't seem to find it?
  5. Same for me as well. It can take 3-4 minutes for each game to scrape so i've had to disable emumovies.
  6. Ok thanks. I have no idea about what to do i the xaml or the community theme manger for that matter as i'm new to it all lol Do you mind if i run it by you to see what you think? It was just 3 things i wanted to change really, a 3D box instead of the flat boxart in the bottom left corner and on the game wheel view i wanted to fill a bit of the empty space on the right with the scrolling game description instead of of it showing on the TV. I did a quick (and not pretty lol) mockup of what i mean regarding them 2 things. Lastly and i know you've just said its a main feature but i'd like disable the random game video switching and just have the TV play a generic platform video like the main view does with Arcade, Consoles ect
  7. Hi @RedSnake great work with this theme its brilliant. I'd like to tweak a few things on it, is it possible to open this up in the Community Theme Creator so i can move a few things around?
  8. I'm not great with image software, but here's some Clearlogos i created with Vikings template for the Mame playlists Launchbox creates. I know these have been done but i preferred the original logos Launchbox uses and i couldn't find any with the Silver ring style. I also did some for years, favourites and recently as well.
  9. Does anyone have a platform video for Fruit Machines? I'm struggling to find any other than the COLORFUL theme slots one.
  10. Hi mate thanks for these Would it be possible for a Pub Fruit Machines (or Just Fruit Machines if it fits easier, its just the UK version of Slot Machines) and just a generic Playlist one in this style?
  11. I got another question while i'm at it lol Can we brighten LEDs where you see your winnings and such? Some are really dim and so are hard to make out when you get bonuses ect
  12. Thanks bud, i just figured it out and posted the same time as you lol
  13. Never mind guys it was as simple as using the same script but enabling "Exit on ESC" in MFME ?
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