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  1. Does anyone have a platform video for Fruit Machines? I'm struggling to find any other than the COLORFUL theme slots one.
  2. Hi mate thanks for these Would it be possible for a Pub Fruit Machines (or Just Fruit Machines if it fits easier, its just the UK version of Slot Machines) and just a generic Playlist one in this style?
  3. I got another question while i'm at it lol Can we brighten LEDs where you see your winnings and such? Some are really dim and so are hard to make out when you get bonuses ect
  4. Thanks bud, i just figured it out and posted the same time as you lol
  5. Never mind guys it was as simple as using the same script but enabling "Exit on ESC" in MFME ?
  6. Hi Guys thanks for all the files in here so far its great to have Fruit machines integrated into LB. I have a little problem. I have been using @fruity script to exit the emulator with escape key and its works great but i didn't like seeing launchbox in the background. What i've done is set MFME to "full screen max" which looks a million times better but then the script only backs out of full screen with escape leaving MFME still running. Any ideas on what i can do to modify the script to exit both? Thanks
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