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  1. Ya get to keep it, and no strings attached, either. It's a 5Gb download. Click here to get it.
  2. Sima B - No fancy video here, just good guitar playin' (IMHO).
  3. Sorry, no video, again, just music. I prefer this version over Jimi's.
  4. This was the first impressive song I heard that was way different from what I had been listening to. BTW, this is over 40-years-old! I first heard it in 1977. Sorry, no flashy video - just music. Shortly before 30sec the pace really starts pickin'-up. Clarke himself is a Bass Player - here's his Website. He really starts kickin'-in shortly after 3min (the entire track is several minutes long).
  5. Tommy Castro and The Pain Killers are gonna be playin' 1.4 miles from my house this Saturday at the Stargazers Theater. I might go. I really love funky dance music, and there's a nice dance floor there. What more do I need?
  6. Man Skydives WITHOUT a Parachute from 5 miles up - into a Net! I’ve done some crazy crap in my life (I have skydived, but with a chute), but I’m NOT adding this one to my Bucket List. Click here for the insanity. P.S. He has a heart-rate monitor on, and his pulse rises to nearly 150bpm. Perhaps he was a bit nervous. I would’ve died from fear.
  7. P.S. If you’re a fan of 3D movies, and you own PlayStation VR, this update adds the ability to view 3D movies in stereoscopic 3D directly on the PS VR headset.
  8. One spiffy Update for the PS4 is it'll now support an External HDD up to 8TB. PS4 Software Update 4.50
  9. I'm apprehensive as to what help Steam will give me, as the games in my Online Steam account and the ones in my Local Steam Client are all correct - Hive is there in both places, with no sign of Shivers. I'm expecting Steam to say, "Hey, it's all correct on our end; this LaunchBox thing you're using must be munging it during the import." Does anyone one know if Steam will support LaunchBox issues? I'll contact them soon, to see what, if anything, they'll do.
  10. I'm using the PC one. I don't even have a Smartphone!
  11. The game Hive is in my Steam Library. However, LaunchBox imports it as Shivers, and it launches as Shivers, even though I never purchased it. In fact, when I search for Shivers on Steam, it doesn't even find it! This may not be the fault of LaunchBox, but it sure is bizarre! Any ideas?
  12. (I didn't know how to make the file play automatically when the Topic was opened). When watchin' Anime pays-off.mp4
  13. OMG! When I was young, we practiced the ol' "Air Raid" drill in Elementary School (later 1950's), where we'd get under our desk and ball-up somewhat. I could love this game! Fallout Shelter. The Soundtrack of the Video is so 50's. It's great!
  14. Now here's a cool personal mailbox: a Sonic Star Post Hey, Jason! I bet your son would love to check the mail for ya if you had one of these! The dude that fabricated it is thinkin' of usin' this model for a Beer Tap and/or an automotive Shifter. Nice!
  15. Francis Ford Coppola has propelled a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the Apocalypse Now video game, which is for Coppola’s Vietnam flick that was released almost four decades prior.
  16. You may recall (but I doubt it) I was playing (and really enjoyed) LIMBO a while back. I think I might go for the sequel, INSIDE. It looks equally creepy and spooky. Plus, the puzzle-types (some speed needed now and then) are more well-suited to my slower reaction times.
  17. Thanks, Brad. That sounds quite simply - no wonder I couldn't figure it out.
  18. I really wanted to go there after my 'schooling' in the Army, but went to Berlin, Germany, instead. Certainly better than Nam, though.
  19. Well, my semi-current favorite 'dance song' is Uptown Funk (the Video has over 2.1 billion views!). If you don't wanna bust-a-move when you're listening to that, you might be dead. I like Lady Gaga's Perfect Illusion, too (mostly the chorus verse, or whatever ya call it ("It wasn't love, it wasn't love, it was the perfect illusion") - American Horror Story used it for the 'backround music' in their TV ad). Also, as a side note, I was about 13 when I saw the Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show, and I still love She Loves You (perhaps a teenage nostalgic thing...), although I don't listen to
  20. Plus, the ol' Marsupial Mailbox. BTW, how in the heck do you put text between pictures? I felt the older Forum was much easier to get your Post to appear as you wanted it. With this one, I've deleted/removed images from a Post, but there they appear, anyway. Guess I need to figure out what the hell I'm doin'.
  21. Well, only in Japan, for now. Who knows, they might be worth somethin' in the future, after a Zombie Apocalypse, or whatever. Nintendo Happy Meal
  22. Click here for more info and/or the game Trailer.
  23. Although I haven't scoped it out, yet, it looks interesting - LiquidSky
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