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  1. Keep in mind that there can be significant differences in a the same game across different regions. But to answer OP's question, I use filtering functions inside my file manager if I want to separate out different regional releases from No-Intro sets.
  2. Honestly I haven't tested anything within LB, I do all of my gaming with my PC connected to a TV so I just use my mouse to navigate. But I'll try it out this weekend and report back. I fully expect it will work just fine :)
  3. Thanks Jason. I think anyone who hordes enough video game ROMs to justify a frontend with custom filtering is probably going to appreciate some more advanced capabilities :) I've seen similar interfaces that let you add one argument at a time. So I might start with one line saying "platform HAS nintendo", then add another saying "AND genre IS racing". If it's additive like that, you can keep the UI very clean, but still have quite a lot of amazing filtering power :)
  4. I think the Custom Filters panel could be improved by going for more of a "query builder" style like in the image below. It doesn't need to be quite as complicated as this one - I think as long as long as you keep the IS and HAS arguments that are already there, and add a NOT argument, that would be enough. Each new line should be either AND or OR. http://www.kendra.org.uk/graphics/kendrabase_query_builder_mockup.gif
  5. Thanks for list view! It's still a bit problematic though. LB doesn't seem to know which game is selected when hitting the Edit button or using the right-click menu. Once you have it working properly, I hope to see a few "essential" features to go along with it: 1. Box art display in side panel when in list view 2. Ability to choose which columns to display 3. Find-as-you-type is now more important than ever! 4. A button to toggle list/thumbnails would be helpful Also, I'm not clear on how to use the "versions" feature? I'm truly impressed at how quickly LB is being developed - thanks! EDIT - Trying to use the "Add Filters" window causes LB to crash (I'm running the latest beta).
  6. I got a Bliss-Box 4-Play in the mail yesterday, and I have spent a lot of time playing with it. So far I have tested it with NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube, Dreamcast, PS1, and PS2. Everything has worked flawlessly. I really appreciate the hot-swap capability. Once you have a controller registered on one of the four ports, you can change it out at any time and it continues to work without issue (Windows 8). That means I can set a controller up with RetroArch, and no matter what core I choose and what controller I have plugged in, it just works. I haven't tried it on other systems yet, but I have a Raspberry Pi and a MacBook, so I will be testing it on those systems as well. I don't anticipate any issues. As far as build quality, I was surprisingly pleased. The cables are very sturdy, and I have no concerns about their longevity. The Dreamcast dongle doesn't fit as tightly as I would like, but all the rest are nice and snug, and I think they will all stand up to considerable abuse. The hub itself is solid, with clean seams and tight ports. Honestly I was expecting a cheaper product considering this is a self-funded project on the part of a retro gaming enthusiast, but this thing is very well built. The final design has four reset buttons, one for each port, which lets you re-initiate any attached controller in case your OS decides to get confused. The buttons are clean and flush with the case, and don't detract from the overall design. I had very high hopes for this device, and so far, it has exceeded my expectations. It's easy to use, it works instantly without any setup or drivers, and I'll say it again: the hot-swap feature is fantastic. I run LaunchBox as my frontend with RetroArch as my primary emulator, and I can go from one system to the next without having to wait for Windows to catch up with me. I waited many months for this device to finally arrive at my door, and I can say without a doubt that it was worth the wait!
  7. I tried for many hours to get those Mario Kart games running and I had no luck at all. I was trying to run pre-patched ISO versions of the games. I gave up in the end ;( Here is the guide I was using. http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php?topic=142315.0 Might need to try again though. I really want to check out those games!
  8. eric said Hay Garbanzo any chance you can upload your box art file for the DC,,,,please please please TX.. I just ran them through the scraper and it downloaded 95% of them. The rest I just found online.
  9. I have 248 Dreacast games in gdi/bin/raw format, and they all load fine with DEmul :)
  10. Dolphin can render at a much higher resolution than Wii :) I had a Dolphin Bar at one point, but it didn't play nice with my existing bluetooth dongle, so I sold it. Now I just use a cheap USB-powered IR bar I got on eBay, and I connect a Wiimote via bluetooth. It works great! I know that you can't connect the newer Motion Plus controllers via straight bluetooth, but I believe the Dolphin Bar supports them. I never bothered since I don't play any games that require it.
  11. I don't use save states personally - I prefer to keep my experience as close to the original as possible :) And no, I'm definitely not asking LB to automatically populate the password field of every possible ROM run in every version of every emulator - that seems just short of impossible :)
  12. Just brainstorming about what could be a unique and useful feature... In the days before battery saves, many old games used passwords to allow you to start where you left off. Writing passwords down on a piece of paper is OK. Keeping a .txt file filled with passwords is a little better. And keeping passwords inside LaunchBox using a Custom Field is close to perfect! But it could be even better. What if LB supported a popup controlled by a global hotkey (CTRL-ALT-P perhaps). When you play through a game and get a password, hit pause, hit the hotkey, and a window pops up asking for the Level and the Password. Maybe entries can even get timestamped. Then close the window and keep playing. Later, when you start playing again, hit the hotkey, find the password you want, type it in, and go! Not sure if such a thing can be implement or not, but it sure would be nice :)
  13. I read that those don't support 2560x1440 so I can't use it with my monitor. And if I use it to send video to my receiver, I will be in the same boat as I am now since DVI doesn't carry audio. Unless I'm completely wrong, which is entirely possible :)
  14. I got a new monitor, and now everything is broken. My old monitor used DVI, and I had my TV hooked up to my PC via HDMI. If I turned on my receiver, it would automatically mirror video from my PC and it would pick up the audio. Easy. Now my new monitor is also HDMI, and my video card only has one HDMI output. If I hotswap, my PC doesn't always recognize my receiver as a new audio device, so sometimes I have to restart with my PC connected to my TV (via the receiver) in order to get sound. It's a pain in the ass. So I bought an HDMI switch. It switches video fine, but since my monitor doesn't have audio, it doesn't send audio when I switch my my receiver. So I'm in the same boat as before, but now I push a button and restart instead of hot-swapping a cable. So I bought a digital audio cable. It works great! But my receiver won't let me create a source with HDMI as the video input and digital as the audio input. So the cable doesn't do me much good, other than just streaming audio to my receiver. Is there a simple solution I'm overlooking? Am I asking too much? Bah!
  15. Trying different BIOS files is really necessary. I had to go through 4 or 5 before I got TurboGrafx-CD games working. But now I have Mugen Senshi Valis running with a beautiful CRT filter, and I'm happy as can be :D
  16. Go into Settings and Directory and make sure the System/Bios path is set correctly. I had to change set, it wasn't seeing the System folder automatically. If that doesn't work, try a new BIOS. Some of the cores are picky.
  17. I think that many people here will appreciate the magic that is foobar2000. It's an immensely powerful audio player that supports full user customization. Here is my current config: I've been using foobar for many years, and I'm happy to help new users get started with this great program!
  18. Emulator or simulator? Either way, I'm grateful for DICE. It's a fantastic project. Thanks for the write-up!
  19. Not me. An HDMI cable to connect my PC to my TV is cheaper :) Anyway I want to save my money for one of those hot new iPad Pro tablets for reading comics!
  20. I'm a Colorado native but I've never been to any of those spots. I'll have to fix that! I spent the long weekend in Utah and had a lovely time. Rattle snakes, barbecue, quicksand, ancient art, mosquito bites, shooting stars, backpacking, bear tracks, and much more. A great weekend! (Other than being stuck in traffic for 2 hours coming back into Denver on I-70. Yuck!)
  21. RL plays nice with LaunchBox. Just set it up once as an emulator (just the path to the .exe), then set up each system in the lower half of the emulator setup screen. The command line parameters are pretty simple: http://www.rlauncher.com/wiki/index.php?title=RocketLauncher_Command_Line_Parameters
  22. I have solved this by filtering down to just the .cue files in my PS1 folder by running a search for for *.cue, then dragging the .cue files from the search results window into LaunchBox to initiate the ROM import wizard. Regarding your DOS games, if they are already "installed" then you can use the above method to import .exe, .com, and .bat files (though this will likely grab setup files and other things that you don't want to import). If they are not installed or setup, then there isn't much you can do other than setting them up one at a time.
  23. Nice designs! Here are some great images that you might find useful, with transparent PNG available for most: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Evan-Amos And lots of vector logos, including many video game consoles: http://www.brandsoftheworld.com/ A few suggestions: I don't know if GIMP has a pen tool like Photoshop, but if it does, it's worth looking into. It's a great way to create vector masks and cut images out of backgrounds cleanly. Also, some of the console/handheld images have distorted aspect ratios (too squashed top-to-bottom or left-to-right). While this helps them fill the background circle more fully, to me it makes some of them look weird, like the Lynx and the ColecoVision.
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