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  1. I know I can manually enter a sort title to accomplish this, but it could be a simple checkbox and the program could ignore "The " when sorting. It would save a lot of extra work on our part :)
  2. Another way is to do this would be to add some filters to the side bar that display date-last-played. Today, yesterday, this week, last week... You could also do one for playcount (most played, never played, etc), or even combine the two (most played this month). Maybe even build in a timer like Steam that tracks how many minutes each game is played :) (But feel free to work on list view first, that's my #1 request at the moment!)
  3. That's actually a great solution for finding games without metadata, thanks! And FWIW, I just ran through 46 games that the scraper didn't automatically find, and 90% of the time the first option on the list was the correct game. It seems the scraper gets confused when the game title has punctuation (particularly : and !). The rest were Japanese titles or unlicensed/demo games that got through my filters.
  4. Find-as-you-type would really be a nice feature. In the main screen if I hit F, the selection should jump to games that start with F. Also, it would be nice to be able to quickly filter down to games that are missing covers/metadata. After importing a huge folder of ROMs there are inevitably lots of games that didn't get picked up, so you have to go through and fetch data/pics one at a time. Right now I just scroll through games and find anything that's missing a cover. But a filter would be much quicker. (As an aside, it seems that importing metadata no longer changes the Platform that has already been set for the selected game. Thanks for fixing this!)
  5. garbanzo

    Related games

    It would be nice to have a feature to link games together with different relationships. Relationships could include: -Prequels/Sequels (or just "other games in this series") -Ports (if it's the original, it would show all linked ports, but if it's listed as a port of another game, it would show "port of xxx" -Remakes -Versions (other regions or revisions) -Romhacks Maybe these could be put into a "Related Games" entry in the context menu of a game. So if I right-click Legend of Zelda for NES and go to "Related Games", I could see: Sequels -Link's Awakening -BS Zelda no Densetsu (is this a sequel or a remake?) Ports -The Legend of Zelda: Collector's Edition -Classic NES Series: The Legend of Zelda Romhacks -(insert one here) Maybe there's a better way to handle the details, but I think this cross-refrencing would really make LB stand above and beyond other frontends :)
  6. For future reference, you can batch find-and-replace in multiple text files using notepad++. I've edited huge masses of cue files with no effort using that trick :) http://cybernetnews.com/find-replace-multiple-files/
  7. Nice, thanks. I have a powerful rig, but I appreciate that the build focuses more on playability. Lots of the little glitches I've lived with go away when playing with this build. Now I just need my Bliss Box to arrive so I have proper GC to USB support :)
  8. garbanzo

    Help finding game

    Trying to remember a platformer. Some older console, can't recall which. When you start you can select from several stages represented as tiles on the screen, and in each stage you play as a different form, and the gameplay mechanics are completely different. One stage involved running up walls. I wish I could remember more. Any ideas?
  9. Nice spoiler in the change log :)
  10. When importing ROMs, you get to a screen about images, and there are buttons to Select All or to Select None. I love these buttons. But when editing a single game, when you click on the Download Images button, you can't Select All. You can't Select None either. This makes me sad.
  11. I keep hearing that MagicEngine is the best for TG-16, but it sure is a PITA. The problem that I'm facing is it keeps turning on video filtering. If I just run pce.exe and load a game, it runs with no filtering. If I drag a game onto pce.exe in Windows it loads without filtering. But if I load a game from the command prompt (via my frontend), it turns filtering on! I can't find a list of CLI parameters anywhere, so I don't know if I can specify no filtering when launching games? I did figure out a work-around: if I make pce.ini read-only, it won't change the video settings when launching games. But then I can't change any other settings either... Any ideas? Thanks!
  12. Windows 10 didn't last 24 hours on my machine. I had immense problems trying to use 3rd party apps. I couldn't pin non-installed, stand-alone apps to the start menu, and the only way I could get file associations to stick was to go in and edit them one at a time - using the "open with" dialog just didn't work. I like where Microsoft is going, but these little annoyances are just too much for me. I use 3rd party apps for everything - music, video, file management, even text files. Maybe I'll try again a year from now and see if these little issues are ironed out. Though honestly I think it's all a ploy to get people to buy apps at their store!
  13. Or if you want to use Mednafen directly: -loadcd pce
  14. garbanzo


    I see those too - Nestopia gives me a white box briefly, and Dolphin shows me a flash of the UI when starting up. I believe if you mess with the Fade feature you can cover all that up. I've even seen people implement loading screens with progress bars :) Here's an example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVF8HZg44GY
  15. garbanzo


    Working great. Nice job sorting this out, thanks again :)
  16. garbanzo


    Bil said I asked at the rlauncher forums before, and it was suggested I add the -f and -p arguments before the -s and -r arguments. I tried this in LaunchBox and it works! So in LB, I have added RocketLauncher as an emulator with the command line: -f "path\to\LaunchBox.exe" -p RocketLauncherUI -s "systemname" -r That's good to know, thanks! So are you setting up one "emulator" for every platform with the System Name field already populated? What advantage does adding the -p RocketLauncherUI switch give?
  17. garbanzo


    I use RL and it works fine. Just don't set it up as an emulator. Under Application Path, put the path to RocketLauncher.exe Under Application Command-Line Parameters, put the other parameters The only downside is you have to set each game up individually. Which works fine for me since I don't bother trying to load thousands of games that I'll never play into LB - I just add the games I know I enjoy :) FWIW, I can't recommend RocketLauncher (new name for HyperLaunch) enough. It's basically a huge set of AutoHotkey wrappers for emulators that provide a unified experience across the board. But best of all, it lets me hit ESC to exit emulators that don't support it natively, like SNES9x :)
  18. Just a small suggestion - if the item count for the (none) group in the sidebar is 0, maybe it could be hidden.
  19. SentaiBrad, I still think all the games you're concerned about are 32-bit. Fury 3 for example - if it used Win32s, then it was a 32-bit game. All the 16-bit Windows games in my collection are along the lines of what came in the Microsoft Entertainment Pack series - Chips Challenge, Tetravex, Jezzball, Ski Free, Kye, etc.
  20. I guess I'm confused. Can you give me an example of a 16-bit Windows game that required DirectX?
  21. We're talking 16-bit games here. No DirectX required :)
  22. Option 1: Install Windows 3.1 inside DOSBox Initial setup is easy and quick, but trying to run the games with LaunchBox would be a pain. Guide: http://www.sierrahelp.com/Utilities/Emulators/DOSBox/3x_install.html Option 2: Install Windows XP inside VMware Player You'll need a fully-licensed copy of XP to do this. It's by far the better method. VMware Player integrates XP with your current Windows operating system, which means you can run games using LaunchBox. The only way you'll know you're running 16-bit games is that the window border will be the old fat blue XP border :) VMware Player here (you don't need the Pro features so it's free) https://my.vmware.com/web/vmware/free#desktop_end_user_computing/vmware_player/7_0 Guide here: http://www.howtogeek.com/171395/how-to-get-windows-xp-mode-on-windows-8/
  23. garbanzo

    Sidebar Groups

    It's situations like this where a second level of filtering in the sidebar would be useful. The top filter could show all your platforms - click on one, and it shows all your games from that system in the bottom filter. Or change the top filter to decade, or publisher, or genre... Music players do this. It's a very powerful way to access your media, especially if it the system allows for some customization.
  24. Thanks for cleaning up the images folder, it makes it much easier to batch-resize cover images to the same aspect ratio for a consistent look inside the app :)
  25. Nice idea. Are you somehow launching the comics directly, or just opening the folder that contains that series?
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