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  1. I plan on breaking mine down by manufacturer, then prefacing each system with the release year in brackets. This is how i had things set up way back when I used QuickPlay as my frontend.
  2. Thanks for the link, but those are the files I mentioned in my post above. They're too old to be useful - MAME is at 0.207 now, and a lot has changed since 0.184 when those scripts were made. I tried the NAOMI script before I came here looking for help, and I quit half-way through because it was throwing out so many errors. Also they're DEmul only, so they won't help with Model 2 or Model 3.
  3. I am looking for an easy way to sort my MAME rom/chd set by system, so I can pull out things like Naomi, Atomiswave, Model 2, Model 3, etc. I need these in their own folders so I can set them up with the appropriate emulator. I see a set of old .bat files in the download section for DEmul-supported roms, but it's a few years old now, and a lot has changed in MAME since then. I can sort my MAME roms by system in MAMEUI and see everything that uses naomi.cpp for example, but I don't think there's a way to copy those games, or even export a list to turn into a .bat file... Any suggestions? Thanks!
  4. Does LaunchBox provide a way to manage alternate titles? Specifically, I want to be able to search for games that I have imported using any of their US/Europe/Japan/etc titles. So if I search Gunhed, but I have the game set up in LB as Blazing Lazers, Gunhed should still come up. I tried using a Custom Field which gave me a place to put the data, but the search box doesn't seem to index it. Similarly, is there a way to connect ports? For example, the arcade game Chuka Taisen was ported using a similar title to several systems, but when it was released for the Sega Master System the tile was changed to Cloud Master. How can I associate all games in LB? Something that says "This game is a port of this other game here..." If the LB database housed this kind of cross-referencing data, you could add a "related games" search function to find them all instantly. How cool would that be? --- EDIT - Related to this, sometimes I try to add a Japanese game, and it scrapes the USA title and info. Why is that? There are plenty of games with enough regional differences to justify having both versions. But to force PC Denjin Punkic Cyborg! to scrape as Air Zonk doesn't make sense, especially since I already added Air Zonk. I guess this is something that can be cleaned up manually after import, but in my opinion, it shouldn't have to be that way. Thanks!
  5. OK, thanks for the feedback. I have software installed that works both ways - some sub-windows show up as additional taskbar entries, and some don't. So I assumed it was up to the developer to decide what works best for their users.
  6. When the Edit Game window is open, I often want to ALT-TAB over to my browser, or to my file manager, so I can add details or drag in files for anything that isn't in the database. But when the Edit Game window is open, ALT-TAB tries to switch to my last open window, which is Launchbox. So I have to use ALT-TAB-TAB to get over to my browser. Can LaunchBox be made to tell Windows that the Edit Game window is part of the main application so that ALT-TAB just switches out of LaunchBox entirely?
  7. That would be awesome, especially in a cabinet situation. If you have a BlissBox mounted inside your cab connected to an HDMI port on the front of your cab, then BigBox could navigate to the correct platform based on which controller you plug in
  8. Thanks for the link. I'm very familiar with that wiki, it's a fantastic resource. Are you using TeknoParrot for those Sega systems? Any games worth checking out? Since my last post I'm now up and running with select games (shmups) from Sega Naomi, Sega Model 2, Taito Type-X, and Taito NESiCAxLive. I'm on the lookout for other Arcade shmups beyond what MAME and these other systems can handle - please let me know if you can think of any.
  9. For Infocom, have you tried Gargoyle? It's much prettier than Frotz, and it interprets more systems. http://ccxvii.net/gargoyle/
  10. I'm struggling as much as you are. It seems that the process of running these games has changed a lot over the years, so packs you find online might not be set up to work with the latest launchers. I too have some games that don't have a gamepad setup utility included, and don't know how to move past that. Not sure about filters and aspect ratio correction either. There just isn't much info out there on how to get these games working properly, and the information that does exist is often contradictory. Especially for Nesica games, I still can't get any of them to run at all. Fortunately most of the games I'm interested in are available on Steam, but even so, there's something special about emulating the original Arcade version...
  11. If you set things up correctly in TypeXtra, you should just be able to click the Set Controls button at the bottom to set up your gamepad. That said, I'm having a hell of a time with these games. Some work great, but I can't get Deathsmiles II to run fullscreen, and I can't get Raiden IV or Otomedius to work at all
  12. Really nice work, these are helping me to build my SHMUPS box. Thanks!
  13. What about Sega Model 2 and Model 3? Taito Type X?
  14. Can someone familiar with arcade emulation please help me out? I have MAME working fine, but I know there are other arcade emulators out there, and I'm having trouble understanding how those overlap with MAME. Will emulators like FinalBurn Alpha, Kawaks, Demul, RAINE, etc. let me play games that don't work in MAME? Is there a list somewhere that helps to clarify which emulator to use with which games? Also, are all the games these emulators play available in the latest MAME set? I've seen some scripts hosted here for pulling out NAOMI and Atomiswave ROMs from the MAME set for example, but I'm not sure if MAME has all arcade-related games, or if I need to look elsewhere for additional arcade fun. Thanks!
  15. Do you have a link to the English version of this emulator? The official version is in Japanese. Thanks.
  16. There's a single player version and a 4 player version that can adapt 4 different controllers simultaneously.
  17. I'm no expert, but I think that hot-swapping works because as far as the host system knows, you haven't changed controllers. The BlissBox firmware handles the translation between controller inputs and the signal it outputs to your system, and it presents itself to your OS as a static controller. So even though you can unplug one controller and plug in another, the BlissBox is still the "controller" in the eyes of your computer. There might be a little magic involved too. It's pretty amazing what it can do.
  18. Gremlins? Sounds technical. I'm just here to play video games.
  19. I recently got a Gamer-Pro adapter from Bliss-Box, so I can use just about any controller with my PC. It's a fantastic kit, highly recommended. My collection so far: PS1 PS2 DualShock NES NES Classic NES off-brand joystick SNES SNES Classic N64 Wii Nunchuk Dreamcast GameCube Genesis 3-button A few old Atari/Commodore joysticks Plus a NES30 from 8BitDo, and a wired 360 controller (I also have two Pro controllers for my Switch, but those don't count) My wanted list: Saturn (white Japanese model) Genesis 6-button Saturn CD Master System Famicom (I just want the shell, I'll fill it with NES controller guts) TG-16 Microsoft Sidewinder Precision Pro I also just got parts to mod my new Mayflash f500 arcade stick. Here's a picture of the work in progress. I'll be adding a new stick with oversized actuator, stiffer spring, and octagonal gate. Plus all new buttons, and custom artwork that will arrive later this week.
  20. I need to spend more time in this thread - Zombeaver has pretty good taste in music
  21. I'm building a config dedicated to shoot-em-up games (SHMUPS). I still have to go through PS1, PS2, and Dreamcast. I think there are a few on Sega CD and GameCube too. Then I have to tackle arcade, which will be a lot of work
  22. That playlist looks awesome. I see a lot of great tracks in there, but also a lot of stuff I don't know. I'll definitely spend some time with it this weekend, thanks! My current favorites artists are Xetrovoid, Zombie Hyperdrive, Waveshaper, Fantastiziser, Dance with the Dead, and VHS Glitch.
  23. Cool, thanks for the heads up. I've been listening to a LOT of synthwave lately. I generally prefer the slower, more cinematic stuff, but I dig some Perturbator now and then. Lately I've been on a mission to collect as much sequenced video game music as possible. I'm chasing down the original files, not mp3 conversions or commercial OSTs. So mostly game rips from old PC titles and cartridge based consoles/handhelds, but also stuff from the MOD, Cracktro, and Demo scenes. Soooo much good music, it's uncanny. if you're into this sort of thing, check out https://vgm.hcs64.com/ Oh, and I recently got Shovel Knight for my Switch - amazing game, I can't believe it took me this long to check it out. Anyway as I was looking for a music rip, I realized that the original NSF was made available when the OST was released! I even found an NSFE conversion with proper tags. So cool
  24. Nice post, thanks. This inspired me to check out Retroarch again. I tried very hard to like it about a year ago, but gave up because I just wasn't able to get per-core controller configs working. It looks like the system has come a long way since then, and core overrides are now easy to set up. Great!
  25. Here are a couple good sources for old computer and gaming mags. I have about 3,000 issues so far, but I only recently started to "actively" collect them. I have several more sources to exhaust before I move on to something else https://archive.org/details/gamemagazines https://www.retromags.com http://ftp.pigwa.net/stuff/collections/Atari magazines/
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